Choose Character Mod - Love Death 2 Touhou Character Mods - Installation guide by Robbi-985

The character mods come in the form of ZIP archives. The best place to get them from, in my opinion, is UpperVolta (in the "TEATIME,FULLTIMEうぷろだ" section).
Download the ones which you want, referring to the table below.
If you're unable to download from UpperVolta, please download the torrent linked to on the previous page instead of downloading from UpperVolta.

Although you can see a little preview image (the same as shown on the previous page) of most modded characters by clicking their versions below, there are some which you can't see, due to there being more than 1 actual 'version' included in that version. To avoid confusion, you will always get a little preview image of your exact chosen version of character mod when you get to p2 of the custom guide.

Character:[Updated YY/MM/DD]
Filename (at UpperVolta):
Mod version:Replaced LD2 char.:
Alice Margatroid
[08/07/11] 旧アリス.zip[New] 'Old' style, Ver 1e (Yotsuba)
[08/04/11] * alice.zipVer 1aa (Itsumi) and/or d (Nanami) (2 versions)
Aya Shameimaru
[08/04/12] * bunbun.zipVer 1b (Minamo)
[08/05/07] + chen2.zipVer 2e (Yotsuba)
[08/04/13] chi2.zipVer 1.2e (Yotsuba)
[08/06/21] 大妖精.zipVer 1e (Yotsuba)
Eirin Yagokoro
[08/05/04] e-rin2.0.zipVer 2b (Minamo)
[08/04/10] erin.zipVer 1b (Minamo)
Flandre Scarlet
[08/07/10][New] Self-extracting, Ver 1e (Yotsuba)
[08/06/21] ふらん.zipVer 1e (Yotsuba)
Fujiwara no Mokou
[08/06/14] * moko2.0.zipVer 2b (Minamo)
Hong Meiling ('China')
[08/05/18] china15.zipVer 1.5c (Koto)
Iku Nagae
[08/06/04] * ik.zipVer 1c (Koto)
Kaguya Houraisan
[08/05/25] kaguya.zipVer 1aa (Itsumi)
Keine Kamishirasawa
[08/07/01] * kne.zipVer 1d (Nanami) (2 versions)
Koishi Komeiji
[08/06/01] こいし.zipVer 1aa (Itsumi)
[08/06/01] koa.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Lily White
[08/06/21] りりー白(再修正版).zipVer 1 "re-correction"d (Nanami)
Lunasa Prismriver
[08/05/26] るなさ・虹川.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Lyrica Prismriver
[08/06/05] りりか・虹川.zipVer 1e (Yotsuba)
Marisa Kirisame
[08/05/25]"773"'s version, ver 1.2d (Nanami)
[08/05/04] marisa_a1.3.zipVer 1.3a (Ayumi)
Medicine Melancholy
[08/06/28] めでぃすん.zipVer 1e (Yotsuba)
Merlin Prismriver
[08/06/07] めるぽ・虹川.zipVer 1aa (Itsumi)
Momiji Inubashiri
[08/07/06] もみじ.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Mystia Lorelei
[08/07/02] みすちー.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Patchouli Knowledge
[08/05/25] patyu.zipVer 1.1d (Nanami)
Ran Yakumo
[08/04/13] ran.zipVer 1c (Koto)
Reimu Hakurei
[08/04/13]"773"'s version, ver 1d (Nanami)
[08/04/13] wakimiko2.zipVer 1.2aa (Itsumi)
Reisen Udongein Inaba
[08/05/04] udonge1.3.zipVer 1.3a (Ayumi)
[08/04/23] * udng.zipVer 1b (Minamo) (2 versions)
Remilia Scarlet
[08/07/10][New] Self-extracting, Ver 1aa (Itsumi)
[08/06/11] れみりあ.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Renko Usami
[08/06/23] 蓮子.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
[08/05/17] るーみあ.zipVer 1e (Yotsuba)
Sakuya Izayoi
[08/05/25] sakuya15.zipVer 1.5aa (Itsumi)
Sanae Kochiya
[08/06/26] 早苗さん.zipVer 1aa (Itsumi)
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
[08/05/21] 四季映姫.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Suika Ibuki
[08/05/25] suika.zipVer 2.1d (Nanami)
Suwako Moriya
[08/06/01] suwako.zipVer 1e (Yotsuba)
Wriggle Nightbug
[08/06/23] * wriggle.zipVer 1a (Ayumi)
Yamame Kurodani
[08/07/25] 土蜘蛛.zip[New] Ver 1e (Yotsuba)
Youmu Konpaku
[08/04/24] * myon.zipVer 1a (Ayumi) (2 versions)
Yuuka Kazami
[08/04/23] * dS.zipVer 1b (Minamo)
Yuyuko Saigyouji
[08/05/05] * yuyu1.1.zipVer 1.1c (Koto)
If a mod is in italic above, it means it's currently being worked on at this minute. I strongly advise you not to try to view a guide for that mod right now.
(Note that the files in some of the archives are password-protected. I marked those archives with an asterisk above. The password is "unzip".)
(There are at least 3 mods above with [New] next to the character name - these are the mods most recently added to this guide.)

You can not necessarily have all the characters in LD2 modded to your desired characters at the same time. Why? Well, in the game, there are 6 characters (a, aa, b, c, d, e). Each character mod can only change a specific character. That character is what the fourth column of the table above represents. Therefore, you can pick to use as many mods as you like at the same time, as long as they don't need to replace the same character.

The guide will be customised for installing a specific character mod.
Please select the corresponding character name in the table above, then click the button below to continue.