Bleeper Music Maker - LATEST RELEASE

Current version is 0.9.148 - DOWNLOAD (1.42 MB)

This very basic page simply contains the latest version of my 'Bleeper Music Maker' program.
BMM music can be downloaded here (although there is music included with the program download in a folder called "music").
Please note that there is a file called 'info.txt' included in the download ZIP file. This file contains probably more info about the program than I've posted anywhere on the Internet, so I recommend you have at least a quick look through it. ;)
You can see it here too.

For general information, please check my "Programs" section at my blog, where I will have posted the relevant information about it. ;)
Note that the screenshot below and included in the ZIP may be of an earlier version. I do this if the newer version looks not significantly different.