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Singing Motor hurt by Fuuko (Test) [HD]

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Just a little test for a completely-remade version of the singing motor from 2007 which I made with my brother. This time, it’s controlled by my not-yet-released program Bawami (a MIDI player), via an Arduino and a Sabertooth motor speed controller.

Much more info is in the video, just like old times! =D

[Watch in HD]

Bawami works out the speed the motor needs to run at to hit each note. It sends that info to the Arduino, which displays info on an LCD and passes it on to the motor speed controller, using dithering to improve the resolution from 122 speeds to 488 speeds. In the future, Bawami should be able to control any 2 DC motors at a time, plus the 2 stepper motors I’ve shown in previous videos.

The music is Fuuko Ibuki’s theme, 「は~りぃすたーふぃっしゅ」 (“Hurry, Starfish”), from the visual novel Clannad. It’s a MIDI (which I didn’t make) playing on my program.