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[Time-lapse] Peaceful April Sunset [HD]

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I decided to try my hand at another time-lapse video, but this time, I tried to make it more peaceful and less dramatic. =)

This time, it’s at a constant 48x speed, so we have just under 3 hours of real life squeezed into a little under 4 minutes. Also, this time, my camcorder was facing out of an open window, so yay, no annoying/confusing reflections!

[Watch in HD]

I had no idea that what seems to be Venus would happen to be visible as a bright dot a little way underneath the moon (at least, it’s visible if you watch in HD). Also, keep an eye out for the clouds which look like giant soaring birds between the two houses, at around 02:30.

The sound is audio taken from the actual full video – 25-second segments crossfaded together, whose starting times match the time in the time-lapse video. So you get a good idea of what it sounded like, without it sounding stupid from being played at 48x speed. =p

September Sunsets Teaser

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Here’s a preview for a compilation video which my brother is intending to make at the end of this month, containing the best sunsets he’s able to record in time-lapse. I thought it was pretty cool, and deserves more views than it’s getting, so I’m posting it here in the hope that more people will see it.

[Watch in HQ]

[Time-lapse] A Day in the Sky of England [HD]

Monday, September 7th, 2009

One day in June this year, I decided to do a time-lapse recording of the sky. Little did I know that the weather would turn around a full 180° to how it was when I started it. I’m not complaining, though, since I find thunderstorms awesome. However, that’s why the view shifts around so much around the lightning part – I wanted to record the lightning/thunder at its normal speed as well as it being a part of the time-lapse video, so I repositioned the camcorder to try to get a slightly better view of things.

[Watch in HD]

Thanks to my brother (Steeeven1 on YouTube) – it was him doing his own time-lapse video a couple of days ago which made me finally be bothered to edit this video which I recorded 3 months ago.