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Basic Demo of Cutoff/Resonance (LPF)

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

I made this to quickly explain to a friend what “cutoff” and “resonance” of a low-pass filter mean. The top view is a spectrogram of the sound (loud sounds are dark, high-frequency sounds appear near the top). Thought I might as well upload it here in case anyone can benefit from it.

Putting sound through a low-pass filter and modifying the filter’s cutoff and resonance has these basic effects.

[Watch in HD]

The sound is a simple MIDI played on the Roland SC-88Pro synthesizer (which only has a low-pass filter, rather than high-pass, band-pass or comb).

ひそやかな欲望 / Secret Desire ~ Inu Remix (MISAKA #10032′s theme)

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I finally completed this remix of 「ひそやかな欲望~ミサカは,発生させます~」, the character song of Misaka Imouto from the anime A Certain Magical Index. I think it shows off her more hardcore side, where the original showed a gentle side. I certainly tried to pack it with energy in the chorus.

[Watch in HD]

This was my first time using both the Roland SC-88Pro and Korg Radias synths together. The Radias is playing most percussion and a high-pitched lead, and also processing a guitar sound from the SC, while the SC plays everything else by itself (bass, pads, electric piano, lead synth, lead guitar, cymbals, etc). The 2 synths seem to work well together.

What genre could this be? I wasn’t aiming for anything, so I’m not sure. Hard dance, perhaps?

MP3 download (320kbps) is here, or you can watch on Niconico for scrolling comments.

It’s been 3 months since my last video. Wow.

[MIDI] Nomico – Suwa Foughten Field [SC-88Pro]

Friday, March 15th, 2013

I tried to remake the Alstroemeria Records song “Suwa Foughten Field” in MIDI form for the old SC-88Pro. The song is a remix of Kanako Yasaka’s theme (stage 6 boss of Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith).

[Watch in HD]

The original song was on the album “HARMONY”, arranged by “Masayoshi Minoshima” with vocals by Nomico.

This pushes the MIDI bandwidth quite far in places, and as a result, the timing of the notes is slightly off in those places (mainly when many notes need to start at the same time).

SC-88Pro attempts to play “Necrofantasia – All Hell Freezes Over” (MIDI)

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Should be named “Whole Synth Freezes Over”.

[Watch in HD]

This is the Roland Sound Canvas 88Pro trying to play this ludicrous adaptation of Yukari and Ran Yakumo‘s themes, “Necrofantasia” and “Necro-Fantasy” (from the game Touhou 07: Perfect Cherry Blossom).

There are over 166,000 notes in this MIDI file, and their speed peaks at over 3x the bandwidth of MIDI hardware, which results in inevitable playback slowdowns, but the synth has its own additional troubles and becomes totally unresponsive.

The MIDI file (not created by me) can be downloaded from here.

[Touhou] Dream Express (Keytar Cover) [HD]

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Here’s me attempting to play along with Dream Express (stage one theme from the PC-98 game Touhou 05: Mystic Square) with the melody channels disabled, on my keytar.

[Watch in HD]

(High-quality MP3 download)


[Touhou] Bad Apple!! Remake with Live Playing [HD]

Friday, January 15th, 2010

An attempt at remaking the Alstroemeria Records remix of “Bad Apple!!”, the stage 3 theme from Touhou 04: Lotus Land Story. It took about 8 days in total. I added a lot of improvisation during the main “chorus” part. Major thanks to my brother (Steeeven1 on YouTube) for playing the guitar part, and going from never having heard it before, learning it, and having it recorded in less than 2 hours.

[Watch in HD]

The looping backing part which I played on the keyboard is seriously annoying to play, so I put some lights on to annoy everyone else. …No, not really. I just thought they livened things up a bit. xD

This is a birthday present to someone who finds the original version of “Bad Apple!!” awesome. I hope this can live up to that…

High-quality MP3 is here, and link to the video on Niconico Douga for those who want to leave scrolling comments is here.


Remix: “Critical Judgement” – StepMania

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

My friend, Sota Systems (Sota250993), and I, made this techno remix of Shikieiki’s theme, “Critical Judgement”, after hearing IOSYS’s remix of the same theme, “Koko de atta ga 60 nenme”. Then I made a StepMania simfile for it.

We play it on StepMania at the same time, but in our own separate countries, recording our gameplay with several cameras, and here you see it all mixed into one video – our combined gameplay views. I have a few custom things connected to my comp being controlled by StepMania. ;D

You can download the simfile (even if you don’t play StepMania, it’s just a ZIP and it includes the MP3) from a new “StepMania Simfiles” section of my site, here.

Also in the video is a crazy announcer which my bro (“Steeeven1″) and I made, after being told that a previous attempt wasn’t crazy enough. I won’t provide a download link for it unless anyone seriously wants one. ;P

The StepMania theme is called Pop☆Candy 2, and you can get it from the author’s site, here.

Unlocked Girl (Robbi-985 Remix) ~ 6 Voice Style [originally by IOSYS]

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Sorry about my large period of inactiveness for the past week! >_<

Here’s an updated version of my remix of Unlocked Girl by IOSYS! I called it “6 Voice Style”, since now, instead of just the 1 electronic voice, there are now 6 voices used, including a backing harmonizing voice (Miku Hatsune)! The other 5 voices are made using RealSinger on Virtual Singer, part of Melody Assistant. There’s also now a much cooler-sounding Distortion Guitar used during choruses.

Here’s the YouTube video, this time featuring my attempt at a full translation of all the lyrics, and 10% of your RDA of randomness near the end. Of course, this is in mono and at low quality. This time, I think I avoided typos and forgetting things in the credits. ><

The actual YouTube page is here - there’ll be comments there. ;P Of course, I don’t mind if you leave comments here at my blog either! ;)You can download the high-quality stereo MP3 of this “6 Voice Style” [6.48 MB] (or if that link doesn’t work, you can try this link, although it will be much slower, sorry). I’m also putting up the original MIDI for download [64 KB] which I made for this remix, which is at the heart of this MP3. Please note that the MIDI is not complete. Sorry about that. But it’s certainly better than nothing (well, probably). It does contain all parts of the song, by which I mean that just by copy-and-pasting things you can complete the song. But I didn’t do that to the MIDI – just to the final MP3′s audio. That’s why the MP3′s complete and the MIDI isn’t – I’m lazy. ;P

Unlocked Girl [IOSYS] – Complete Remake! (‘Robbi-985 Remix’)

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

I finally completed this! I’ve been working on it since the 25th of December, and finally last night it was completed. I hope you like it. And I know there are several typos. >_<

Original YouTube page

I’d prefer it if you commented at that page, rather than here. That way, all comments will be in one place (even the comments left by people who didn’t find the video on this blog). There’s more info there too – just check the description! :D

Oh, and the high-quality stereo MP3 can be downloaded… right… here. (5.47 MB, 5 mins 10 secs) (Sorry about the slow download speed.)