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[Touhou] Electric River (Komachi’s Theme Techno Remix) [HD]

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

I made this this slowish techno remix of Komachi Onozuka’s theme (Higan Retour ~ Riverside View) on the spur of the moment, some time last year. “Electric” since it’s techno, “River” due to Komachi’s job of ferrying souls along a river… that, and the whole electricity/water thing worked out nicely, heh.

I’ve finally recorded a video of me playing the simfile (along with my SM lights responding to my keypresses, and a random scythe which I’ve had since some halloween before I even knew about Touhou), so I can finally upload the music with the video to YouTube. Background image by Yuuki Eishi.

[Watch in HD]

It starts off sounding very electronic, but turns to techno with a few hints of rock (I guess). The ways in which I used the various melodies within Komachi’s theme is original (I didn’t base it on anything, unlike my Unlocked Girl re-make). Of course, there are some of my own fast harmonizing melodies in here too.

MP3 download link (~6.5 MB as ZIP) (320 kbps) (Sorry about the slow download speed…)

Simfile download link (Includes the same 320kbps MP3) (I’ll add a link on my own (slow) server for those without an account at Bemanistyle soon.)

I released a not-quite-finished version of this (here at my blog) near the end of last year, but I’ve improved on that version slightly (most significantly by changing a snare-like sound, and changing the volume levels of all of the instruments). The download link on the post for the old version now leads to this new version.

StepMania Player (revision 46)

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

I’ve made a few minor changes to StepMania Player; you can download the new version from here, as usual. After the page break, there’s info on the changes.

I’m not intending on doing much right now due to excitement from and preparation for the upcoming MCM Expo in London! Yes, I do have a life outside of programming – albeit an otaku’s life… I’ll be going with a friend (who’ll be staying at my place) on both days, and I’ll be sure to get a ton of HD videos of the many, many cosplayers. By the way, there’s actually a group of people who will be cosplaying as Touhou characters, which I find pretty damn cool. Here’s to hoping that everyone beats the world record (for the number of people in one place cosplaying as characters from video games) which they, themselves, set last October (2008), and here’s to hoping that I can actually find them at the time when they line up outside as they aim to make that new record. >_<

Wow, this is the most blog-like post I’ve ever actually made


StepMania Player (revision 45)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Now the program works again. =/ I can’t believe that since revision 42, I left a piece of code in which effectively stopped the program from working on anyone’s computer other than mine.

Usual download place

StepMania Player – Revision 44

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Just a tiny update which makes the high accuracy I introduced in revision 42 now apply when using “Realtime Light Control” too! (That is, instead of only when playing a simfile on SMP.)

Usual download place~

Guide – StepMania Lights Circuits [HD]

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

After 4 months of not even touching this video, I realised I was never going to get it finished due to a massive lack of motivation. However, it is at least complete enough to cover the details of the circuits used in my Custom StepMania Lights, which you can then build into any cabinet you like, which I suppose is what most people who asked me for a tutorial actually wanted.

Please Watch in HD to be able to see more in the detailed images. Sorry in advance for the sucky quality of the photos though – I didn’t have my HD camcorder when I started making this video, so I just used my PSP’s camera.

My lights are designed to work with my own freely-downloadable program “StepMania Player”, which you can get here. As well as playing simfiles by itself, my program can also be used to control the lights while you play StepMania, each light being triggered by your keypresses in-game.

When configured correctly, StepMania version “3.9 Plus” can also control the lights directly. However, as you see in the video, it flashes all 4 bulb together, not separately. In the video, the leftmost bulb doesn’t light up because a motor is connected inside the box, in place of the bulb (I like messing around).

I hope this is at least of some use to someone. Sorry that I never finished it, but I’m releasing it now having started working on it over a year ago, which is just ridiculous considering how little material there actually is in it.

StepMania Player (revision 43)

Friday, May 1st, 2009

*Sigh* As usual, after making big changes to the code in the previous version, a nasty bug reared its head. It has promptly been squashed (and other things have been improved), and I advise that anyone who was misfortunate enough to get and use the last version updates to this version.

Usual download place~

  • Program no longer crashes if a simfile or its music file can’t be seen (doesn’t seem to exist) when you try to load it. This could happen if there were strange characters in the path/filename. If the simfile can be seen but the music file can’t be seen, “Play music now” is simply unticked (after a non-critical error is displayed).
  • Program no longer crashes on startup if “Play music too” wasn’t ticked when you last exited. This nasty bug was introduced in revision 42, by part of the code which improves the accuracy.
  • It seems that the accuracy improvement in revision 42 wasn’t noticable when “Play music too” was ticked. Now, accuracy is improved when playing the music too (although it may still be fractionally less than when not playing music, on some computers).

StepMania Player (revision 42)

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

This version has quite a few improvements, which make such a big difference (in my opinion) that I’ve moved the version number up from 0.6 to 0.7. The most notable changes are that it copes with Japanese text properly, that it turns the lights on/off more accurately, and that the “Scrolling Arrows View” stays smoother than it used to.

(Click image to see full-size version)

You can grab it from the usual download place; However, please make sure you run the Fix program (included) before you try to run this version of SMP for the first time.

All changes are listed below~


[AAA] StepMania: Kuru Kuru Lovely Day [HD]

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

I hadn’t uploaded a new StepMania video in quite a long time, and I surprised myself at being able to AAA this, so I decided to record myself trying to do it again. After about 6 more frustrating attempts, I finally managed. Unfortunately, people were trying to sleep at the time I was recording, so I had to keep fairly quiet (apart from the unavoidable tapping sounds, of course…). This also meant I had to play on headphones, so I mixed the song’s audio in afterwards (although I normally do that anyway).

[Watch in HD]

Note that the theme I’m using, CyberiaStyle 4, shows
“A-” for “A”,
“A+” for “AA”,
“AA” for “AAA” and
“AAA” for “AAAA”.
You can see more info about this theme (for SM 3.9), and download it, from the author’s site, here.

This song is actually from the opening of an H-game called 「魔界天使ジブリール3」 (Makai Tenshi Jiburiiru 3). In this video, I play it as part of the “Otaku’s Dream 2nd Hentai Mix” song pack. You can find out more info about tha pack, and find download links for it, here.

StepMania Player (revision 41)

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve released a new version of my StepMania Player program, but I finally have a new version out which fixes a few bugs and adds new features.

Here’s the usual download place

…and here’s the information for this new version:

  • Added an “Invert output” option for when using the parallel port. So, when a pin should be on, instead of being set to “high” logic level (not inverted), it will be set to “low” logic level (inverted).
  • “Fix DLL OCX.exe” should now work with any installation location and version of Windows (Vista users may need to right-click the program and choose “Run as admin”).
  • Moved the “Constant speed” checkbox on the scrolling arrows view to stop the window needing to be so unnecessarily wide.
  • Added address 03BC as a selectable parallel port address (now all three addresses of 0378, 0278 and 03BC are available for selection).
  • Now if you show the main playback view for the first time since the program started running and press Page Up/Down, you won’t be changing the playback rate along with the playback offset (the playback rate slider is no longer selected by default). You’ll now just be changing the playback offset.
  • Fixed visual bug in Detailed Config window where the “Parallel port” frame was so low down that it was not fitting into the “Hardware” frame.
  • Fixed playback sometimes not looping when “Loop” is ticked (previously it wouldn’t loop if the song’s audio finished before the last event in the events list).
  • Changed text shown during stops from “FREEZE!” to “STOP!” to avoid confusion.

Simfile: Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP/98!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Just a quick bit of news for anyone interested:

There is now a StepMania simfile available for the extended version of this music of mine (the extended version is only 4 bars longer, if I remember rightly, but it ends better in my opinion, so I prefer it).

The simfile can be downloaded from here or here.