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StepMania Player (revision 51)

Monday, August 30th, 2010

This is a fairly significant update, in my opinion, with a number of improvements and fixes for some fairly long-running issues. Here’s the usual download link~

(Click image to see full-size version)

Changes, in the order of how important I think they are:

  • New “STOP” trigger for outputs, on the Detailed Config window! This trigger is “on” whenever “STOP!” is visible on the main playback view.
  • The effect of BPM changes on the scrolling arrows view is now smoothed; that is, the arrows do not suddenly become more spaced out, but gradually spread out and reach their new spacing after a fifth of a second.
  • Fixed occasional glitch with hold arrows on the scrolling arrows view, where the arrow would extend to the bottom of the window (or until the next hold arrow) for one frame when it was due to be released.
  • Whether the serial port is “Open (active)” or not is now no longer saved in the config file. It used to be the case that if a USB-to-serial adaptor, which used to be connected, was disconnected at the next run, the options to select a different COM port would be greyed out, making it impossible to select a new port.
  • On the scrolling arrows view, the chosen scrolling speed, and whether or not the “Constant speed” checkbox is ticked, are now saved in config files. That means that these settings will now be restored when you next run the program.

Please see the full post for more, less-important, changes.


StepMania on a Train [HD]

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

On a train in the Netherlands late one night, we got bored. We were worried about how the conductor would react, at first, but he turned out to be a fun old man after all. Even some of the other passengers got interested! It’s hard enough to even keep your balance while playing as the train’s moving, let alone actually play well, so we hope that the simple act of us playing DDR on a train is enough to make this video entertaining. Because it sure was for us. Now if only I could’ve got my soundcase through airport security…

[Watch in HD]

The simfiles we played were “Doll Judgement” and “Love-Coloured Master Spark” (simfiles made by Gpop), from a pack named “Touhou Pad Pack”. Thanks to Dnstje for filming and taking his dance mat with him, and to MasterPJ55 for motivating us to actually do something so win.

I didn’t notice at the time that the bag being held at 06:17 appropriately looks just like a power item from the Touhou games.

[HD] Flandre’s Christmas Light Show [Flan-Wing Lights]

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Here are my custom StepMania lights taped to my wall, to resemble the crystals on one of Flandre‘s wings, and I added a horizontal mirror to make the second wing. I made a simfile specifically for the 8 lights, just like I did back on Cirno Day.

[Watch with video/audio in sync]

I know that the lights don’t perfectly match up with the crystals on the drawing (by Kiyomin), but I thought of overlaying a drawing AFTER I’d set up the lights, and I couldn’t really move them because I’d measured the wires to be only as long as needed. I never thought I’d stumble upon even this good a picture of her (position-of-the-crystals-wise) – and she’s even wearing Christmassy clothes! So although they don’t line up perfectly, I thought it would be a wasted opportunity to leave out the drawing.

The tune is to the theme of Flandre Scarlet (extra-stage boss in Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil), called “U.N. Owen Was Her?”. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name (or even artist) of this Christmas-style arrangement of it.

The lights are being controlled by my own freeware program “StepMania Player”, which you can get from here. Lower-quality version on NicoNico Douga for those of you who want to leave scrolling comments is here. =P

This light show is for a special someone… nyan. x3

Window Light Show – In Memory Of Cirn⑨ Day

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Well, I was a ⑨ and only started making this on the 8th, so it was a big effort for me to get it done and recorded before the 9th ended.

[Watch at YouTube]

This is an insanely rushed video of the view from outside my bedroom window. Later I intend to upload a video showing the simfile I made (and which these lights are playing) playing on StepMania, because it looks kind of insane, perhaps along with another few views of the lights from other locations.

This video is not uploaded in HD, because too many computers struggle to play HD YouTube videos (they update the picture slowly), and that’s a very bad thing for this video. Smoothness is essential here, and the picture resolution is not. ^^

Sadly, I couldn’t get it compressed and uploaded before midnight GMT (and certainly not a proper in sync version, *cough* YouTube), but we will NEVAR FORGET our little blue idiot, so I guess it’s okay. ^^ Yep, that makes no sense whatsoever. But who cares? It’s Cirno d–! Oh wait, it’s not any more.

StepMania Player (revision 50)

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Just a few updates this time, nothing major… Here’s the usual download link.

  • More efficient memory usage.
  • “Music finishes in” (shown at the bottom of the main playback view when the events have finished being played, but the music still hasn’t finished) now always counts down in seconds, no matter what the playback rate is set to. This means the number will go higher if you set the playback rate lower.
  • Jumps, hands and quads (taps, not holds, which happen at the same time) now appear as red arrows on the scrolling arrows view to distinguish them from the yellow arrows which represent normal taps which don’t occur at the exact same time.

StepMania Player (revision 49)

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Well, as always happens when I make big changes, a lot of new bugs cropped up when I released revision 48 yesterday. This update squashes all the bugs I found, including one which has been lurking since long before yesterday but which I only just discovered. Also, a little countdown to the end of the music is now shown at the bottom of the main playback view if “Allow music to finish” is ticked and the step chart has finished, but the music still hasn’t finished. Quite a lot of things in total are fixed/changed (even more than in revision 48).

You can grab the now-somewhat-more-stable version from here, as usual.

Full details on changes I made are below the page-break~


StepMania Player + Bleeper Music Maker (“Fix” update)

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Shortly after making the newest version of StepMania Player, I wanted to try it out on my brother’s computer, which runs Vista (mine runs XP), and it wouldn’t run. More worryingly, though, the “Fix DLL OCX.exe” which I include in the download, designed to fix problems just like this, also failed! So, I’ve fixed the “Fix”.

One of these “Fix” programs is included in my Bleeper Music Maker program too, and so, if anyone has been having trouble getting either that or StepMania Player to run on Vista, this may well have been the problem all along. To those people, I suggest grabbing the latest versions of the programs from their download pages [SMP/BMM] and running “Fix DLL OCX.exe” again (right-click, “Run as administrator”). I haven’t added 1 to the version numbers of the programs because it’s not actually SMP or BMM themselves which have been updated (it’s just the “Fix” programs).

StepMania Player (revision 48)

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Well, this is a massive update, the main 2 features of which are the proper support for “dance-double” type step charts (2 pads), and the fact that music doesn’t have to be cut off at the end of playback any more (this new option to allow music to finish fully is enabled by default)! Note: The scrolling arrows view, for now, still only shows PAD 1′s arrows (if I mention pads any more, a knife will mysteriously find its way into my skull).

(Click image to see full-size version)

You can grab it from the usual download place.

Full information on changes are below the page-break (there really is quite a lot of significant stuff this time).


StepMania LED Message Display + Lilies Line (AAA) [HD]

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

A few days ago I bought a nice LED message display, and after finding out what data to send to it to control it (without using the sucky software which it came with), I have something new to work with StepMania! ^^

[Watch in HD]

My program controlling the display works by reading StepMania’s log file to see what you’re doing on StepMania. However, StepMania only updates its log file when it’s built up enough text to write (to avoid making the hard drive do unnecessary work), which means that my program sometimes doesn’t realise what’s happening (or doesn’t until it’s too late). At the end of a song (when StepMania shows “Failed” or “Cleared”) is when this happens the most. Unfortunately, detailed gameplay info (for example, how many “Great”s you got, or what your longest combo was) is not written to the log file. orz

The voice which announces the name of the song is just pre-recorded audio files, and I haven’t recorded files for all songs. As you will hear, only the first 2 songs have their names announced.

Also, I forgot to set my camcorder’s focus to manual, so the flashing of my StepMania lights messes up the autofocus a bit. Sorry xD

StepMania Player (revision 47)

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

This fixes the nasty bug which causes the end of the config file to get corrupted after a while, which in turn caused the program to crash with “Invalid Property Value” the next time you ran it.

Usual download place~

NOTE: If you have a corrupted config file (startup.cfg) left over from a previous version, you’ll need to delete that to allow the new version of SMP to run. If you don’t want to lose your settings and are feeling brave then you can open it up in Notepad and delete the last few lines which appear unusual (like several lines merged into one).