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StepMania Player (revision 57)

Monday, April 8th, 2013

This update simply allows StepMania Player to run on pre-Windows 7 versions of Windows again (e.g. XP). I wasn’t even aware of this problem until a week ago.

You can grab this fixed version from the usual download place (1.66 MB).

DETAILS: This big problem was caused by a change Microsoft made to Windows 7, causing any ActiveX Data Objects-based programs compiled on Win7 to not work on any earlier operating systems . Microsoft acknowledged this problem (and posted even more details here). They released a fix for this that I applied to my own computer before recompiling StepMania Player, allowing the newly-compiled StepMania Player to work on Windows XP again, just like the old times (back on revision 53 and earlier, before I started using Windows 7).

NOTE: Anybody who wants to run StepMania Player does not need to download Microsoft’s fix – only my computer required Microsoft’s fix. Simply download this new version of StepMania Player and it should work (if older versions worked for you).

Testing “StepMania Player”‘s Accuracy with “Vertex BETA vROFL” (AAAA) (May 2009)

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Testing accuracy of my program “StepMania Player“‘s new (in 2009) timing system by having it simulate keypresses for StepMania on an insane simfile. The program controls lights connected to a computer’s parallel port. Keypress simulation allows a common way to interact with other programs, such as GlovePIE scripts to control the 4 LEDs on a Wiimote controller.

[Watch in HD]

The song is “Vertex BETA” by Silvia. Simfile is “Vertex β vROFL” (steps by Dark Bahamut, challenge level). StepMania theme is Pop*candy 2 for StepMania 3.9.

Attempting to play StepMania with cheap keyboard [Apr 2010]

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

This PS/2 keyboard accepts a maximum of 2 arrow key presses at once – if you press more, the PC speaker beeps and no keypresses are detected. The beep is sometimes 1 second in delay.

[Watch at YouTube]

From 1:52 to 1:57, I switch to my normal (Logitech G15) keyboard to see if the simfile is actually in-sync.

The song is dBu’s remix of 「月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル」 (Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial), the theme of Sakuya Izayoi, the stage-5 boss of Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The StepMania theme is CyberiaStyle 4 for StepMania 3.9.

StepMania Player (revision 56)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

This is an extremely tiny update that fixes one small crash: Pressing 8 (to skip to the start of audio) no longer causes a crash when no simfile is loaded but remote control is enabled. This situation would occur when starting the program if remote control was enabled when the program was last exitted.

Usual download place~

StepMania Player (revision 55)

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

This is just a quick fix for a one-time bug: Previously, when running the program for the first ever time (when a “startup.cfg” file doesn’t exist), a message would be shown saying that the config file may not be in the correct format. This message is now no longer shown – the program silently uses the default settings (this part hasn’t changed).

Here’s the usual download place.

StepMania Player (revision 54)

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Despite it being over a year since I released the previous version of StepMania Player, this is a small update. In fact, I made these changes for my 2010 Christmas laser show and I forgot to release this new version after making that video. -_-’

The biggest change is that there is a new program included called “SMP Remote Clicker”. StepMania Player connects to it over a network and tells it to simulate a mouse click at certain positions when playback starts and stops – I used it to start my laser show at the same time as StepMania Player started controlling the Christmas lights. The settings for this are found under “More Stuff” (on the main window). There are other small changes, too. More information and details of all changes (5) are below, after the page break.

Here’s the usual download place.


[AAAA] Vertex β vROFL (StepMania Player sync test) [HD]

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I recorded this on the 24th of May 2009, while testing my StepMania Player program’s accuracy (another old video I’ve only just decided to upload). I wanted to make sure that it could play the decoded simfile as accurately as possible (OCD, yay~), so I chose the craziest simfile I have, and synchronised it with StepMania itself, to make my program “play” the song in the game. StepMania’s judge difficulty is set to 4, as always. Note that even StepMania’s built-in AutoPlay mode FAILS this simfile!

[Watch in HD]

My program controls lights connected to a computer, according to the notes in the simfile (it’s rather pointless to watch a 25 FPS video of them flashing this fast, but YouTube doesn’t support 50 FPS). Keystroke simulation is designed to allow the program to work with any other program that normally looks out for keypresses, to allow other devices to be controlled. For example, a friend of mine made a script in GlovePIE that turns a Wiimote’s “1 2 3 4″ LEDs on and off according to pressed keys.

The song is called “Vertex β″, by Silvia, and this particular simfile is by Dark Bahamut. The chart played was Challenge level.

So, it should be obvious to anyone that thought I was cheating in my previous StepMania videos that I wasn’t – If I wanted to cheat, I could do a much better job at it. But there’s no fun in that – a flashing “Marvelous” does not entertain for long. There’s nothing like tapping along with your favourite beats! =D

StepMania Player (revision 53)

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Well, here we are – a new version already, and there are actually a lot of changes! The most significant ones include fixing the bug where playback would “hang” at the end of some simfiles without looping or “stopping” (resetting), and command line support (for both loading a simfile, and specifying other options). Please see info.txt for the full list of recognized command line parameters. Also, the “scale” slider on the scrolling arrows view now lets you choose more useful speeds more accurately, and not quite such pointlessly slow speeds.

Usual download place~

The full list of changes (12!) is after the page break!


[StepMania Gloves] Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari (AA) [HD]

Monday, September 6th, 2010

An attempt at playing a simfile properly, using these very strange-looking gloves which I modified into a StepMania controller (using the I-PAC board). I’m still getting used to using them, especially the fact that I don’t need to use as much effort as I do to press keys on my keyboard (I keep hitting the arrows for the first half of the simfile or so early for this reason, gradually compensating). I’m not quite sure how I managed AA, with all those missed notes at the start…

[Watch in HD]

There are bare wires on the fingers of the gloves that touch the tin-foil on the thumbs. The wires are attached to the board, which then simulates keypresses and releases on a standard PS/2 keyboard port. Only the 2 fingers closest to the thumbs on each hand are used, because they’re the fingers I use when I’m playing with 2 hands on a keyboard. This way, I don’t need to completely re-learn to play.

The connections can still be extremely unreliable (it took many attempts to even get a run as good as this). Also, I use this board rather than my Arduino because I got the I-PAC a long time before I ever got the Arduino, and since this board is actually made for the job, it’s easier to use, and probably works better too (there’s a limited number of interrupts on an Arduino).

I did make another video, showing things in slightly more detail, and doing the very first gameplay test, but I didn’t edit it because it was just for a few friends. You can still view it here, but I kept the video as “unlisted”, because it’s messy as hell, and insanely amateur-ish (not implying that most of my videos are “professional”, though). It’s also low-quality – I recorded it in SD rather than HD, because it’s quicker to compress, and, as I said, it was just originally to show a few people.

StepMania Player (revision 52)

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Parallel port output works again. I accidentally broke it in revision 51 while trying to boost performance, but didn’t realise, because I was testing it on a netbook which doesn’t have a parallel port. >< Sorry about that.

Usual download place~