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Dojikko Weight-Carrying Test

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

I decided to see how much weight Dojikko, my work-in-progress robot, could comfortably carry. I cut out 3 boring tests and yet it’s still kind of boring.

[Watch in HD]

Dojikko on a 9V battery (or two) (2013-03-28)

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

She drains them in minutes. They were cheap, though. Her usual battery is an 11.1V 5000mAh LiPo.

[Watch in HD]

Dojikko vs a corner (2013-03-18)

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Ultrasound fails when it comes to corners. It gets reflected away by the walls and the walls become invisible to it.

[Watch in HD]

[Dojikko] Turning bug (2013-03-03)

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

The code was supposed to prevent constantly overshooting while turning to face a new direction, but it had quite a different effect. This is the kind of weirdness that happens on the very first attempt of adding new code.

[Watch in HD]

It was fixed shortly after recording this. =)

[HD PSP] To Aru Majutsu No Index – Misaka Imouto Zero-Damage Battles vs CPU

Monday, April 1st, 2013

This started off as a test for recording HD videos from a PSP emulator, but I ended up with actual gameplay videos, so I decided to upload them. Please forgive the stuttering game audio (even though my computer can handle screen-capturing in HD at 60 FPS, the emulator’s audio stutters whenever I screen-capture, no matter what the frame rate or resolution).

[Watch in HD]

I played as MISAKA #10032 (no partner, except for the second battle, where I called in Shirai Kuroko for a Unison Raid), and the opponents were, in order: Stiyl Magnus + Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Kamijou Touma + Misaka Mikoto, Mugino Shizuri + Shirai Kuroko. CPU difficulty was set to highest (to be honest, I was quite lucky at several times in this video). A successful Unison Raid gives a VERY satisfying feeling. It’s very rare that I add music to my videos, but I decided to for this one, as the emulator can’t decode the game’s original AC3 music and I thought it sounded like something was lacking otherwise. And that concludes today’s random facts.

The emulator’s web site is here (I recommend downloading the newest “automated build”, which will be much newer than the version I used).

EDIT: I do hate what YouTube does with audio/video sync. Not had a video with sync this far off for quite some time…

[Dojikko] Amusing bug – First test of closed-loop system for moving forwards

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

I tried to implement a closed-loop system to keep the actual speed the same by increasing power to the motors if e.g. stuck on an object. Results were… amusing.

[Watch in HD]

The speed was correctly being calculated from readings from the ultrasonic rangefinder. There turned out to be a combination of 2 problems (a variable overflowing, and something specific to the format of data that the Sabertooth motor speed controller requires), but they’re fixed and it’s working much better now. I’m still fine-tuning it, as it’s still far from ideal, though (either slow to respond or over-aggressive and dangerous, and interferes with other systems such as the part that detects if it’s stuck).

Testing “StepMania Player”‘s Accuracy with “Vertex BETA vROFL” (AAAA) (May 2009)

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Testing accuracy of my program “StepMania Player“‘s new (in 2009) timing system by having it simulate keypresses for StepMania on an insane simfile. The program controls lights connected to a computer’s parallel port. Keypress simulation allows a common way to interact with other programs, such as GlovePIE scripts to control the 4 LEDs on a Wiimote controller.

[Watch in HD]

The song is “Vertex BETA” by Silvia. Simfile is “Vertex β vROFL” (steps by Dark Bahamut, challenge level). StepMania theme is Pop*candy 2 for StepMania 3.9.

Glitching PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse [Mar 2010]

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

When the mouse is moved, the the Caps/Num/Scroll Lock LEDs on the keyboard come on. Then, while trying to prove that there is no program running in the background to control the LEDs, the PS/2 devices (keyboard, mouse) stop working entirely. Such are the strange things that my old server does. (Yes, that computer is what’s hosting my web site.)

[Watch at YouTube]

Please excuse the song sample that’s looping repetitively on StepMania in the background the whole time.

Attempting to play StepMania with cheap keyboard [Apr 2010]

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

This PS/2 keyboard accepts a maximum of 2 arrow key presses at once – if you press more, the PC speaker beeps and no keypresses are detected. The beep is sometimes 1 second in delay.

[Watch at YouTube]

From 1:52 to 1:57, I switch to my normal (Logitech G15) keyboard to see if the simfile is actually in-sync.

The song is dBu’s remix of 「月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル」 (Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial), the theme of Sakuya Izayoi, the stage-5 boss of Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The StepMania theme is CyberiaStyle 4 for StepMania 3.9.

Bawami Velocity-scaling Bug [rev 106 preview]

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Testing a new feature to scale volume of notes received via MIDI input. Accidentally, it scales many other things, too. Such as pitch-bend sensitivity and reverb.

[Watch in HD]

Here, the MIDI sequencer “Sekaiju” is sending MIDI messages to Bawami, my MIDI player, via “MIDI Yoke” (a virtual MIDI cable driver).

Once I’ve fixed this, the newest version of Bawami, should be good to go! But for now, enjoy this amusingly buggy preview (although there are many more new things that aren’t shown in this video). I’ll make a proper video on my main channel once it’s released.