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QBot Gets Hungry [HD]

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

This is QBot. He likes to eat mahou shoujo.

Nomming Kaname Madoka with third-person and first-person (“Madocam”?) views. I still don’t understand exactly how, but one of its legs managed to turn off my camcorder while recording the first-person view.

[Watch in HD]

Illustration originally by Matsusaka Gyuu (Danbooru re-upload is here)

Originally recorded on 2011年05月16日, before I had faced the fact that I’d have to use Microsoft Paint to make a proper ending/credit screen while editing videos on my laptop (my computer’s out-of-order) – that’s why I didn’t make one, and also why there is no real editing in this video.

Servo Snake ☆ゲッダン☆

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Desperately trying to join in with the “Get Down” meme, I modded my new servo snake (which I actually only made a day ago).

It’s actually meant to move like a tentacle, snake, or cat’s tail, but here it just has a fit as the characters on Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 do when you half-remove the game cartridge (as shown on this video at NicoVideo – that’s where the whole ゲッダン meme started).

Here’s a video where it’s not being quite so crazy…

Computer playing StepMania with servos

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

My latest project, and this is a mere prototype. A computer plays StepMania CVS 4, controlling servos to press the arrow keys according to step sequences in StepMania files. Lots more info and quite a bit of showing off in the video.

It plays “Overdrive” (for the sake of avoiding typing a really long title which I can’t translate) by IOSYS, and even gets a toasty on “Piano Variation for Remilia Scarlet”.

EDIT: Wow, this video’s quality really disappeared somewhere along the line.

For the technically-minded, I’m using an SSC-32 (microcontroller), and 4 Hextronik 5gr (HXT500) micro servos. The program was made with Visual Basic.