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Ragnarok Battle Offline – Stage 2 Final Boss : MIDI + Rin Kagamine-Style

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

A year or so ago I made a MIDI out of the final boss of Stage 2 on the excellent game “Ragnarok Battle Offline”. Now I’ve found out about Vocaloid2. And the most recent voice to be released for Vocaloid2 is the second voice in the “character voice series”, Rin Kagamine (鏡音リン) , whose voice is apparently stronger than Miku’s (whose voice has been criticized as being too soft).

[Watch in HQ]

So! Since the overdriven guitars in the music are certainly meant to sound “strong”, I decided to give Rin the job of singing it to test the supposed “strength” in her voice. She doesn’t handle the low notes well (sounds like a puff and then electronic), but I have to say I was very impressed at how the voice handles the “screaming” high notes. So that Miku didn’t feel too left out (=P), I gave her the job of the harmonizing ‘backing’ guitar, with a cool little stereo flanger to make her voice easier to notice. I know the lyrics I made are kind of lame. I let the MIDI loop and play through once more by itself when it reaches the end. By the way, that overdrive guitar the MIDI uses was sampled from my brother (‘steeeven1′ on YouTube) playing his electric guitar.

You can grab the MP3 with the voices here! (2.76 MB, 2:34 length). You can download the MIDI which I made and used in the MP3 here (27.1 KB, 1:16 length).

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