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First flight: R/C Plane (WOT Trainer, Thunder Tiger GP42)

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Recorded several months ago, this was the first ever time my brother’s R/C plane went into the air, even though it was only for a short time. Since he has no other recordings of his flights as of yet, I got his permission to just upload this. Complete with some random speech at the end.

I apologise for the cut-outs in the audio – my camcorder is currently not able to read tapes very well because its head needs demagnetising.

The engine is a Thunder Tiger GP42. The plane ‘body’ is a WOT Trainer (I’m not sure of the exact model, or of any other details – I’ll ask him as soon as I can and edit this post).

Model aircraft nitro engine, computer-controlled

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

My brother’s new engine being controlled from a laptop. He made a little makeshift frame for the engine, the starter’s battery and the microcontroller. There is a program he made in VB6 on the laptop, which sends commands to the microcontroller via a serial cable, which controls a Futaba servo, which moves the throttle on the engine via a paperclip, which spins the propellor and spinner up to 17,000 RPM.

We’re just messing around here. =D

He intends to buy a plane chassis and RF transmitter/receiver to make a full remote-control plane in the near future – as soon as he has the money.

I apologize for the low video quality – I was recording with my PSP, and had to reduce the video quality because the memory stick was almost full. The video still ended due to it running out of space, though.

The engine is a Thunder Tiger GP42.
The microcontroller is an SSC-32 made by LynxMotion (yep, we use these in so many things).

…And to anyone who’s seen our “singing motor” videos – well, I’d love to do it, but he won’t let me. -_-