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Behind the goggles

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

This explains a lot (maybe).

[Watch in HD]

ひそやかな欲望 / Secret Desire ~ Inu Remix (MISAKA #10032′s theme)

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I finally completed this remix of 「ひそやかな欲望~ミサカは,発生させます~」, the character song of Misaka Imouto from the anime A Certain Magical Index. I think it shows off her more hardcore side, where the original showed a gentle side. I certainly tried to pack it with energy in the chorus.

[Watch in HD]

This was my first time using both the Roland SC-88Pro and Korg Radias synths together. The Radias is playing most percussion and a high-pitched lead, and also processing a guitar sound from the SC, while the SC plays everything else by itself (bass, pads, electric piano, lead synth, lead guitar, cymbals, etc). The 2 synths seem to work well together.

What genre could this be? I wasn’t aiming for anything, so I’m not sure. Hard dance, perhaps?

MP3 download (320kbps) is here, or you can watch on Niconico for scrolling comments.

It’s been 3 months since my last video. Wow.

[HD PSP] To Aru Majutsu No Index – Misaka Imouto Zero-Damage Battles vs CPU

Monday, April 1st, 2013

This started off as a test for recording HD videos from a PSP emulator, but I ended up with actual gameplay videos, so I decided to upload them. Please forgive the stuttering game audio (even though my computer can handle screen-capturing in HD at 60 FPS, the emulator’s audio stutters whenever I screen-capture, no matter what the frame rate or resolution).

[Watch in HD]

I played as MISAKA #10032 (no partner, except for the second battle, where I called in Shirai Kuroko for a Unison Raid), and the opponents were, in order: Stiyl Magnus + Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Kamijou Touma + Misaka Mikoto, Mugino Shizuri + Shirai Kuroko. CPU difficulty was set to highest (to be honest, I was quite lucky at several times in this video). A successful Unison Raid gives a VERY satisfying feeling. It’s very rare that I add music to my videos, but I decided to for this one, as the emulator can’t decode the game’s original AC3 music and I thought it sounded like something was lacking otherwise. And that concludes today’s random facts.

The emulator’s web site is here (I recommend downloading the newest “automated build”, which will be much newer than the version I used).

EDIT: I do hate what YouTube does with audio/video sync. Not had a video with sync this far off for quite some time…

MISAKA Defeats The Original With 2 Seconds To Spare While I Play (Un)Fitting Music

Monday, October 29th, 2012

This started as a test for screencapping PSP gameplay on RemoteJoyLite, but turned into something else for a friend.

In the gameplay, I wanted to avoid using my partner (who, confusingly, was also Mikoto).

[Watch in HD]

Hand-traced MISAKA with 1.5W laser

Monday, October 29th, 2012

445nm blue laser @ ~1.5W, scanned at 26 kpps. Original illustration by 平安京エイリアン (Heian-kei Alien).

The black image of Hibiki Ganaha on the wood is also burned by the blue laser (at a slow speed). Original illlustration is by 開栓注意 (kaisenn)

[Watch in HD]


Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I tried to create a voice based on samples of Misaka Imouto from the anime “A Certain Magical Index“. Then, I decided to make it sing the song that was stuck in my head at the moment, which happened to be Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s “PONPONPON” (I didn’t want to try to make such a crazy music video as the original, though). The key is lowered to suit the voice better.

[Watch in HD]

Massive thanks to DelTiger(でるたいがー) for the off-vocal version that I used here. The illustration is by tachi008.

I actually used samples from the PSP game rather than the anime, for clean recordings (so that there wasn’t music or sound effects in the background). It seems to be a long time since I’ve uploaded a video with a CG voice.

I first made a MIDI of the notes the voice sings in the original version using Anvil Studio. The voice was made with Virtual Singer (part of Melody Assistant). Screen-capturing was done with VirtualDub and the video edited in Magix Movie Edit, while the audio editing was done in Audacity.