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StepMania on a Train [HD]

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

On a train in the Netherlands late one night, we got bored. We were worried about how the conductor would react, at first, but he turned out to be a fun old man after all. Even some of the other passengers got interested! It’s hard enough to even keep your balance while playing as the train’s moving, let alone actually play well, so we hope that the simple act of us playing DDR on a train is enough to make this video entertaining. Because it sure was for us. Now if only I could’ve got my soundcase through airport security…

[Watch in HD]

The simfiles we played were “Doll Judgement” and “Love-Coloured Master Spark” (simfiles made by Gpop), from a pack named “Touhou Pad Pack”. Thanks to Dnstje for filming and taking his dance mat with him, and to MasterPJ55 for motivating us to actually do something so win.

I didn’t notice at the time that the bag being held at 06:17 appropriately looks just like a power item from the Touhou games.

[Lasershow] Kotoko – Suppuration -core- (ThePDI) [HD]

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

This is a laser show created by ThePDI for Kotoko’s “Suppuration -core-”, played on Dnstje’s 40kpps RGB laser projector. We kind of overdid it with the smoke machine at one point (that thing is overkill for such a small room).

[Watch in HD]

The projector has a 400 mW red laser, 150 mW green laser and an 89 mW blue laser, although blue is barely used in this show. Having caused a lot of dead pixels on a previous camcorder of mine by having this projector shine directly onto its image sensor, I wasn’t going to risk it again. Therefore I recorded this show from slightly underneath the projector instead of directly in front of it (I was less than a metre away from it).

The song is from the I’ve Sound / Kotoko album “Re-sublimity”. I purposely did not overdub the song in high quality, so that people can’t use my video to rip the song from, because YouTube seems to be becoming more and more stringent.