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Interact Face

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Well, it’s been on my site for years, but I’m going to post it on my blog, since this is a nicer-looking place than the rest of my cheap site. =P

This is a little web page I made where you can sort of customize a little “anime-style” face. You change the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. And you don’t need Flash.

Interact Face little screenshot

Well, there’s a little example. It’s pretty basic, but I think it’s more interesting on the actual page (which the image links to). If you want to save the image of the face, you’ll need to press Print-Screen and paste it into Paint.

Note that it doesn’t work on Internet Explorer 6, because the browser doesn’t bother to pay attention to the fact that the images are transparent. <_< It does work with IE 7, all versions of Firefox, and even the PSP’s web browser! (As long as Javascript’s enabled – although it is very slow with the PSP).