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Greenscreen barrier effect

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Over a year after creation, I finally upload this out of boredom.

My brother and I made this to try out an idea I had about how to make an “invisible barrier” effect with a greenscreen, but I didn’t put much effort into the editing of it, hence me avoiding uploading it (until now).

As has happened before, I think the clips of messed-up things at the end are more interesting than the main part.

【東方】【らぶデス2】 Aya Shameimaru Greenscreen Effects

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I could just dream, but I could also video-edit. ;P

I found a character mod of Aya Shameimaru (although I haven’t got her wings’ texture to load right yet – they should be nice and feathery and semitransparent) for TeaTime’s らぶデス2, and fiddled around with the textures of the room to get them a nice green.

I tried my hand at doing an effect similar to the first video I ever uploaded at YouTube (it still exists if you want to check it out). After that, I tried to get a little more advanced, but… well, it’s okay, but there were a few annoying lines which didn’t go transparent, among other things. <<

Want to know what programs I used? What the music is? It’s all in the video. Except for what camcorder I used, which I forgot to mention, which is a Sony DCR-TRV270E. (Yes… very interesting, I know.)

If there is interest, I will provide a link to the high-quality 640×480 AVI which is 20.9 MB.

EDIT: I just uploaded it to NicoVideo, so you can watch it there instead if you prefer: sm3086872.

Microwave Portal

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Just another bit of greenscreen fun.
I’ll try to refrain from obvious comments like “I swear Yukari did it”, or “Yuyuko’s snack’s ready”. Yes, I’ll be sure not to mention them.

Should I really have put this under ‘Touhou’? I didn’t think you could even look through to the destination of Yukari’s gaps like you can here anyway.

I know the transparency of the greenscreen didn’t work so well.
More technical rubbish…

Filmed with Sony DCR-TRV270E DV camcorder.
Edited with (programs):
VirtualDubMod (video capture, compression overlaying text)
Adobe Premiere Pro (colour-keying, scaling, editing, etc… the hard work)
Paint (yes, seriously… for drawing the text. Much easier than in Premiere.)