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[Touhou] ‘Singing motor’ with Sakuya’s & Remi’s themes

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

That computer-controlled motor is back! Headaches guaranteed, or your viewing time back! (I’m sure Sakuya will sort it somehow.)

It just plays a short part of Sakuya’s theme “Tsuki Dokei ~ Luna Dial” (Moon clock) and Remilia’s theme “Naki Oujo no Seputetto” (Septette for a dead princess). Since I recently made them on BMM, I decided to challenge the motor to try to play them. Yes, it’s a useless mod for my program “Bleeper Music Maker“. In fact, it was only the first or second mod which I made for BMM, a while before I ever released BMM to the public.

I’ve changed it since last time so that now the motor doesn’t stop between notes (it was affecting being able to hit notes on time, and is no good for the power supply xD).

This time the usual motor has help from another motor which it spins via a drive belt, which adds more power to the sound (slight understatement). Amazingly, it seems it’s still strong enough to hit most of the notes.

Oh, and Yukari because… gaps are awesome.

U.N. Owen Was Her? (Flandre Scarlet’s theme) + 2 themes from Imperishable Night + Bleeper Music Maker (revision 132)

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

What a mess of a title.

Showing off the fact that this new release of BMM can, via MIDI-In, handle an unlimited number of notes at once (although it sounds silly while trying to play too many), here it is playing Flandre‘s theme straight from the MIDI file. “…What?” Oh, I explain what’s actually going on in the second video, because I promised Flan’s would be next. ;)

Here’s the fractionally-more-formal introduction and explanation of the new feature of BMM, MIDI Input, showing off 2 more MIDIs from Imperishable Night! =D

The themes are “Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night” (Stage 4 theme), and “Voyage 1970″ Eirin and Kaguya‘s Last Spell theme).

As usual, you can download this latest version of Bleeper Music Maker here.

Things changed or new in this version:

- Will no longer fail on any computer to load files which contain Unicode characters.

- Ability to change channel and instrument on “MIDI Output Settings”.

- MIDI Input! (Info is in info.txt which is included in the download, under “MIDI INPUT MOD”.)

- A few typos in “info.txt” fixed.

- Now it actually shows text when you click “?” next to “Use MIDI output” (how could I have forgotten to program that? >_<)

- MSSTDFMT.DLL now included in download (many people seemed to be missing it) (info on exactly what to do with the file is near the top of info.txt, under “REQUIREMENTS / PREPARING / COMMON CAUSES OF ERRORS”) .

Power cut (Warning: Not much cool here) + LD2 Touhou character mods

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

We just had one. So my comp crashed. When it started to boot, ChkDisk found literally thousands of errors, then crashed before entering Windows. The 2nd time, it entered Windows, but it was suddenly using default settings like a logon screen.
The previous time we had a power cut, it was many hours long and was somewhat cool. This, however, was pathetic (didn’t last even a quarter of a second), and had worrying consequences. Luckily, my site (along with just about all the contents of my hard drive) seems to have escaped unscathed.

On a more positive note, a Shikieiki character mod for Love Death 2 has just been released. Therefore I have updated my guide for installing LD2 Touhou character mods which I haven’t posted anything about on this blog up until this moment in time. (It has been on the main page of my site for a while now though.)

For more info on my guide, check the LD2 thread at HongFire Forums – I go by the name of WhyAgain there, because I tried to register once but something happened caused by my rubbish Internet connection which made me need to register “again”. (I couldn’t use my usual name of Robbi-985 “again”.) Feel free to contact me there, or of course here as usual. ^^

EDIT: There was just another power cut this morning at 9:45.

Bleeper Music Maker (revision 131) + Remi Piano Solo

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

MIDI OUT!! … … is the main new feature added in this version. Instead of (or as well as) using the PC speaker, it can send all notes and beeps to a MIDI device which you choose (it doesn’t have to be external, it can even be that nasty-sounding synth Windows XP and Vista use by default). More info in Info.txt under “MIDI OUTPUT MOD”

To show off the new Midi Output mod, here’s a short video of a little BMM file I made, playing through my Yamaha keyboard via MIDI Out, complete with accidental footage of a bug with the Synchronized Play mod, which makes it randomly decide start playing 2 minutes after you last started it playing. By the way, that bug is now fixed.

Usual program download link. The download now includes the BMM file you see playing in the video, too (“Remi Solo.BMM”).

Hmm, previously Sakuya, then Remilia… Flandre is next. =D

(Other changes/improvents, plans for future versions…) (more…)

PC Whirl

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

We did this spoof on NEW YEAR’S DAY, but I only just got around to finishing/uploading it.

You know how you see adverts with so many abbreviations, price deals which don’t always sound so great, and people who really don’t sound like they know what they’re talking about?

We are not seriously advertising anything. In fact, we have trouble remaining serious about most things.

Bleeper Music Maker (revision 128)

Friday, April 11th, 2008

New in this version is an option to have a ‘beat’ sound played on each beat (or every other beat, if you don’t want it to sound so crazy at fast tempos). Also, the strange crash it sometimes did when you tried to play some music with only a couple of notes is now fixed. :D

Usual program download place is here.

There’s a new song in the ‘music’ folder of the ZIP download, too! A bleeper version (which I made) of a remix (which I didn’t make) of Komachi Onozuka’s theme! ^^;; There will be a full video of this going up in just a few hours at most, complete with me failing at it on DDR on the PSP (can’t be missed! :P), so if you see this post but the video hasn’t been posted yet, please check back soon! ^^

Bokura No Bouken – Bleeper Style

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I haven’t made a video for this (yet), but I’m not sure that I will, either.

However, I’ve made a bleeper version (BMM file) of “Bokura No Bouken”, the opening to “Hikaru No Go”, thanks to Yumeni from YouTube supplying me with a MIDI file of it. (It’s much easier if you can see/hear the length and pitch of each note.)

You can get it here. ;)

Bleeper Music Maker (revision 127)

Friday, March 14th, 2008

EDIT: There is a known bug in this version. The program will crash when you try to play music consisting of a single note, with certain combinations of settings for whether it should play Note 1 or Note 2, and to do with clicking the note in the music list. >_o Whatever, I’m not 100% sure why it happened, but this did not happen before revision 127, and I’ve already fixed it for revision 128.

New in this version is the introduction of a Time Signature slide-bar (this represents the number of beats, i.e. quarter-notes, in a bar). It can be found up in the top-right of the program, near the BPM (tempo) setting. The reason for me adding a Time Signature setting, is that I’ve also added 3 little green displays to show you what the current position in the music is, which can be found in the bottom-right. Also included is a very short music file to show off the Time Signature setting at 7-beat.

(Click for full-size – you can also see it on the program download page. Yes, I’ve finally updated that image! >_<) (more…)

Bleeper Music Maker (revision 126)

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

This release fixes the bug which the previous release added. The bug would cause the program to freeze with a constant tone coming out of the system speaker, when trying to play only one note, when there wasn’t enough CPU time free. If you were using FMOD, it wouldn’t have frozen – it only did this when using the system speaker. No more! =D

There’s also some more information in ‘info.txt’ related to fixing initial problems when trying to run the program for the first time.

Here’s the usual program download place and new BMM music files download place.

Bleeper Music Maker (revision 125)

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

How stupid I felt after realising something so obvious that I messed up in the previous release. It didn’t even pay attention to the “Note/Silence Ratio” slider, when playing only a Note 1 or Note 2.

Fixed. Of course, please use this instead of the previous one. All the timing-fixing is stilled fixed. =D

Here’s the usual program download place and new BMM music files download place.