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Big update to my guide for LD2 Touhou character mods

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Well, I hate to bang on about something which is not a lot of Touhou fans’ cup of tea, but I’ve updated the guide. I mean… a lot, this time. Now you can easily find the character which you want, and can easily see the date on which each mod was last updated. I updated and added several new ones – here’s the list:

Added: Shikieiki, Lunasa, Kaguya, and a new “tank-head” Reimu.

Updated to latest version: Sakuya, Hong (“China”), Patchouli, Reisen (“Udonge”), Suika, Chen, and both versions of Marisa, ze.

My usual bleeper fanatics will return very shortly, with the MIDI Input support as promised. =D

Power cut (Warning: Not much cool here) + LD2 Touhou character mods

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

We just had one. So my comp crashed. When it started to boot, ChkDisk found literally thousands of errors, then crashed before entering Windows. The 2nd time, it entered Windows, but it was suddenly using default settings like a logon screen.
The previous time we had a power cut, it was many hours long and was somewhat cool. This, however, was pathetic (didn’t last even a quarter of a second), and had worrying consequences. Luckily, my site (along with just about all the contents of my hard drive) seems to have escaped unscathed.

On a more positive note, a Shikieiki character mod for Love Death 2 has just been released. Therefore I have updated my guide for installing LD2 Touhou character mods which I haven’t posted anything about on this blog up until this moment in time. (It has been on the main page of my site for a while now though.)

For more info on my guide, check the LD2 thread at HongFire Forums – I go by the name of WhyAgain there, because I tried to register once but something happened caused by my rubbish Internet connection which made me need to register “again”. (I couldn’t use my usual name of Robbi-985 “again”.) Feel free to contact me there, or of course here as usual. ^^

EDIT: There was just another power cut this morning at 9:45.

【東方】【らぶデス2】 Aya Shameimaru Greenscreen Effects

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I could just dream, but I could also video-edit. ;P

I found a character mod of Aya Shameimaru (although I haven’t got her wings’ texture to load right yet – they should be nice and feathery and semitransparent) for TeaTime’s らぶデス2, and fiddled around with the textures of the room to get them a nice green.

I tried my hand at doing an effect similar to the first video I ever uploaded at YouTube (it still exists if you want to check it out). After that, I tried to get a little more advanced, but… well, it’s okay, but there were a few annoying lines which didn’t go transparent, among other things. <<

Want to know what programs I used? What the music is? It’s all in the video. Except for what camcorder I used, which I forgot to mention, which is a Sony DCR-TRV270E. (Yes… very interesting, I know.)

If there is interest, I will provide a link to the high-quality 640×480 AVI which is 20.9 MB.

EDIT: I just uploaded it to NicoVideo, so you can watch it there instead if you prefer: sm3086872.

Touhou Characters in GTA:SA (Screenshots)

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Since I haven’t posted something for a while. I took these during gameplay and thought they looked pretty cool, so I decided to share them. =)

One day, hopefully not too far from now, I’ll get around to making another Touhou GTA video. ^^

EDIT: Images deleted due to hotlinking. Honestly, some people… *sigh*. However, I’m keeping the post here, due to the comments that may be useful to people passing by.

Reimu Tries Out “Hax Sign 「Burn Everything」” in GTA-World

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

EDIT: I’m making the voice mod be available for download, even though it’s not complete. Please read included ‘Info.txt’ for a lot of info about it.

Here’s the link.
(5.55 MB, sorry for slow download speed.)

Yeah… I made it up as I went along and worked out what she could be saying later and edited that in.

It’s a character mod of Hakurei Reimu from the Touhou series, within ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. Also noticable is an anime-style voice mod I’m in the process of making; and, the police are Suika, because… well, why not? Just replace the sake for doughnu– uh, I’ll just stop here. I didn’t show off the characters or voice well though — I’ll do that in another video. I just wanted to jump on the Hax Sign bandwagon…

I did not make the character model mods. I am making the voice mod. And yes, there are several cheats (or as Reimu would probably prefer, ‘haxes’) going on in the video. =D

IF YOU DON’T GET IT, look at the past Flash animations at the brilliant . You’ll notice Reimu has more than a slight tendancy to start fires.