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*MCM EXPO 2010 May* Chasing Reimu Yukkuri RC Car(amelldansen)

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

MCM Expo was held in London last weekend, and I took along the soundcase I’d been making, but it was my friend Dnstje’s remote-controlled Yukkuri which really stole the spotlight and turned into a remote-controlled crowd of dancing otakus. ;D

[Watch in HD]

Thanks to Dnstje for editing the videos we recorded!

Caramelldansen Piano Attempt [HD]

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

This is me trying to play Caramelldansen as I’ve learnt it from memory, to a metronome at 165 BPM.

There are at least 4 very obvious and cringe-worthy mistakes which make me think I shouldn’t be uploading this, but after trying for quite a few hours over 2 days, this was the best I could do. Maybe someday after more practise I’ll try it on a real piano.

[Watch in HD]

Also, my Remi plush fell onto the keys many times during failed attempts but didn’t during this “most successful” one, so I had to force her to. =P

Technical stuff: The keyboard is a Yamaha PSR-E313. Played music can be recorded onto internal memory. While playing this, it was recording, and later I played it back while its headphone output was connected to my soundcard, to have a nice clean recording of just the piano sound without the metronome, key presses, and my sniffing due to hayfever. xD

MCM Expo: Cirno’s Perfect Caramelldansen

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Here’s a much-needed compilation video using some of the many videos I recorded at London MCM Expo (May 2009). It mainly focuses around cute things because this video was originally going to be for the Touhou cosplayers, and… well, you know, I didn’t think soldier or Alien cosplays would fit in very well. I wonder if you can call a Dalek cute though.

[Watch in HD]

The sudden song change is because Cirno’s Perfect Maths Class had so many different parts that it was too hard for me to be lazy while editing the video. I tried to at least change the song when it reached an appropriate place.