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【MCM Expo London 24-25 oct 2009】 All Caramelldansen in Nine (HD)

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Here are all the Caramelldansens which Dnstje and I recorded at MCM Expo last weekend, combined into one video! =D

Thanks very much to Dnstje for editing them all together, and even making dual-views for the parts where we were both recording at the same time!

[Watch in HD]

Eye was the strongest, who also carried around around a “soundcase” (sound suitcase) which Dnstje helped me to make. It was playing the music most of the times in this video.

【東方】【らぶデス2】 Aya Shameimaru Greenscreen Effects

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I could just dream, but I could also video-edit. ;P

I found a character mod of Aya Shameimaru (although I haven’t got her wings’ texture to load right yet – they should be nice and feathery and semitransparent) for TeaTime’s らぶデス2, and fiddled around with the textures of the room to get them a nice green.

I tried my hand at doing an effect similar to the first video I ever uploaded at YouTube (it still exists if you want to check it out). After that, I tried to get a little more advanced, but… well, it’s okay, but there were a few annoying lines which didn’t go transparent, among other things. <<

Want to know what programs I used? What the music is? It’s all in the video. Except for what camcorder I used, which I forgot to mention, which is a Sony DCR-TRV270E. (Yes… very interesting, I know.)

If there is interest, I will provide a link to the high-quality 640×480 AVI which is 20.9 MB.

EDIT: I just uploaded it to NicoVideo, so you can watch it there instead if you prefer: sm3086872.