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[Gaxtile] Now I Lay Thee Down (Calm Style)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

An accidentally-made calm, almost ambient version of the song which was originally by Machine Head.
We’re just amateurs, and we already know we’re not that good.

We do this for fun, that’s why we often laugh a little when we mess up. We just want to share with people our little attempts of recreating music.

Much more info is in the video!

Please attempt to enjoy! ^^

Recorded only with my camcorder, so there was a lot of noise in the audio originally. It was particularly tricky to remove the noise from this music, but I’ve removed as much noise as I can.

Here’s a higher-quality MP3:

(6.36 MB, 3 mins 32 secs)

The MP3 is stereo, at 256kbps. It’s the audio stream of the video which you see here, so it has silence at the beginning.