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Trying 1970s Beam Splitter On Panasonic Lumix G3 [3D]

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

I got hold of an old Pentax 3D stereoscopic beam splitter manufactured in the late 1970s and thought “Why not try it on my digital camera?”. So here we are! The splitter effectively turns the lens into a 3D lens, giving 2 views of the same scene side-by-side, from a slightly different perspective (shifted sideways).

[Watch in 3D - YouTube can't play embedded videos in 3D!]

I had considered using it while recording laser shows in the future, but because of the wide separation, and highly zoomed view required for it to work, that would probably just result in headaches when viewing it. Plus, the view is tall and narrow, which is not ideal for laser shows, where the beams tend to stay above eye level. Oh well, it’s still fun to play around with.

[Lasershow] WOTA London Ep 12 (3D attempt)

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

This is a 15-minute show that I rushed together in a week for a small party in London called WOTA, which has a Japanese theme. This was the 12th WOTA, and the final one organised by Piloru. This show is 5 times longer than any show I’d made at the time, but I still only had a week from start to finish (which is how long I took to make the 3-minute Dark/Light show). As a result, it’s nowhere near as detailed as my other shows.

I attempted to record this video in 3D with one camera by moving it slightly between 2 separate shots, but it didn’t turn out very well. This is partially because the swirls of fog aren’t in the exact same positions in both shots, and because I apparently moved the camera a little wrongly.

This first video version is recorded with my HD camcorder so the text is clear and easy to read, but it struggles to see the colour of the lasers (blue is invisible at times, and there’s no difference between red/pink, yellow/green, cyan/green). Also, the vertical scanner in my laser projector failed  at some points in the left-eye view, which messes up the 3D view.

[Watch in HD]

This second version is recorded with my old DV camcorder, which sees the colours well, but it’s not HD, so text is harder to read.

[Watch in HD]

The music starts off as hardstyle, turns to hardcore and ends in trance. The first 3 songs are from USAO’s set from day 1 of the online music event Otaku Hardcore Revolution 4, and the final song is by Halozy. The songs are:

  • USAO – Astro Break
  • USAO – Bokuってハードスタイルは絶対に聴くな (Don’t listen to a hardstyle called Boku)
  • DJ名無し (DJ NaNashi) – NekoJumpen
  • Halozy – See You, My Little Moon

Glitches with 3D shutter glasses

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Nvidia wireless 3D shutter glasses and their infrared transmitter having a weird effect on how stuff looks. I put my camcorder into an infrared-sensitive mode, but turned off the camcorder’s own infrared light. Now I see why it doesn’t really matter where I put that infrared transmitter, if it’s bright enough to light up my room.

[Watch at YouTube]