Here’s a little collection of music I’ve made and released to the general public. Most recent ones are nearest the top. Most of the music has actually already been up on videos of mine on my YouTube channel, with MP3 download links in the video description, but I like to have them all in a little collection here at my blog too. Clicking the main title of the music takes you to an MP3 download, while clicking [YouTube] takes you to my YouTube video which shows off this music.

Electric River (Komachi’s Theme)

This is a slowish techno remix I made on the spur of the moment of Komachi Onozuka‘s theme. It starts off sounding very electronic, but turns to techno with a few hints of rock. The ways in which I used the various melodies within Komachi’s theme is original (I didn’t base it on anything, unlike my Unlocked Girl re-make). Of course, there are some of my own fast harmonizing melodies in here too.

Critical Judgement [YouTube]

This is a techno remix of Shikieiki Yamaxanadu‘s theme which I made with Sota Systems. It was originally based on IOSYS’s song, “Koko de atta ga 60 nenme”, which is a remix of the same theme. The MP3 download link is actually for a StepMania simfile, but a 320kbps MP3 is included in the ZIP file. An alternate download place for the simfile is here.

Little Touhou Piano Medley [YouTube]

Although I did spend time trying to get this right, it’s really not very advanced. Please don’t expect much. I made a StepMania simfile for this which can be downloaded from here or here.

Unlocked Girl: Robbi-985 Updated Remix ~ 6 Voice Style [YouTube]

Like my remix below, but with a few changes. There are 6 CG voices,  one of which is a backing singer (Hatsune Miku), and there’s a distortion guitar which I accidentally missed out of my first remix. Note that a MIDI is also available (please see below).

Unlocked Girl: Robbi-985 Remix [YouTube]

My attempt at remaking IOSYS’s “Unlocked Girl”, in a techno style, keeping the tunes as close to the original as possible but changing the instruments. A MIDI is also available here, which I created for the making of the final MP3.

Freaky Ambience Sounds Generated Using Cygnus VST Synth [YouTube]

A little demonstration of some freaky atmospheric sounds made using the freeware VST Synth called ‘Cygnus’.

Prodigy – Mindfields (well, part of it) with Windows XP/98 [YouTube]

Somebody showed me the song, and thought I could make at least part of it using XP/98 sounds, and they were right. I thought I’d never do something using sounds from XP/98 again, but I decided to give it one last shot. I didn’t go all the way, because by the end of the video I’d got such a headache that I gave up. I had a headache because the way the music was going was into a style of music which I hate.

Hatsune Miku – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) [YouTube]

This was my first go at getting Hatsune Miku to sing an English song, and since few people seem to have made full songs of Miku singing in English, this one seemed to become kind of popular among English Miku fans, as well as (surprisingly to me) some Japanese Miku fans.

Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98! [YouTube]

Well, here it is, the one which became the most famous due to someone posting it on Digg. This is a slightly extended version (only 4 bars longer than on my original video on YouTube, but it ends better, in my opinion, so I prefer it). There has actually already been a download link for this extended version in the video description on YouTube for many months. There’s now a simfile here and here thanks to Ashpotter!

SC-88Pro MIDIs

I have also tried to remake quite a few existing songs as MIDIs for the Roland SC-88Pro synth. I plan to release the MIDIs themselves soon, once I’ve finished designing a suitable page, and making simpler, more-compatible versions of some of the MIDIs. For now, you can hear how they all sound in videos by looking at all posts tagged with “SC-88Pro”.


3 Responses to Music

  1. Nathaniel Barragan says:

    I have noticed that most of these links are dead. Maybe you can upload these to something like google drive or mediafire. Just letting you know.

    • Robbi-985 says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Most of those dead links were from 2008 – that shows you how much I update this page…
      I’ve updated all the links except for the Bemanistyle ones – unfortunately, it seems something happened to/on Bemanistyle over the 7 years, and that my simfiles are no longer hosted there (or they’ve changed their URL format). But that doesn’t really matter, since there are still working links to the same simfiles on my own server.

      I hope this helps, and sorry for taking so long to respond!

  2. Simon Ruda says:


    your page look great. Hope you want to share the midi files. I just bought a Roland SC88 for old DOS games and i am looking for new input. So i would appreciate it if you can upload your midi files. Thanks a lot and you did a great job.

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