BaWaMI (revision 110)

Posted on 2013-09-20 at 06:26 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

With this update, MIDI output fully works now! Several other bugs, including ones to do with automatically saving/loading the config, SysEx messages, and overriding a channel’s percussion mode, are also fixed, along with the usual helping of modifications to instruments.

Grab this bug-fixed version from the usual download place (6.94 MB)!

Full details on all the changes and fixes are below!

MIDI output

  • Full support for transmitting SysEx messages when using MIDI output! (Completely re-wrote MIDI output code; now uses Windows MIDI APIs directly, instead of MIDIIO2K.OCX. However, MIDIIO2K.OCX is still used for MIDI input.)
  • When exitting Bawami, “ALL NOTES OFF” is now transmitted if using MIDI output to avoid stuck notes.
  • When skipping playback to a new position, “NOTE ON”s and “NOTE OFF”s are no longer sent on MIDI-out while playback is catching up (“ALL NOTES OFF” is sent). This dramatically speeds up skipping in most MIDI files when using MIDI-out. (Until I add the ability to trace back control changes and other events without sending all of them, this is as good as it will get.)
  • “Send SysEx messages” is ticked by default now that SysEx output works.

Auto-saving/loading of config

  • Fixed bug: Between runs, master volume is remembered correctly and slider position is restored but volume is actually 100% until changed.
  • Whether “Loop” checkbox on main window is ticked or not is now saved between runs in the config file.
  • Fixed bug: Between runs, custom MIDI-in channel mapping is remembered and automatically restored, but picture on config window shows default mapping (in=out).

Other fixes/changes

  • When using live MIDI input, last byte of a SysEx message is no longer ignored (fixes XG Reset and many other messages not being recognised when received on live MIDI input).
  • Fixed bug where distortion processor was incorrectly enabled/disabled. Example: Create a MIDI using instrument 029 (Overdrive Guitar) on channel 10. Notes correctly play as percussion. Now, override the percussion mode of channel 10 to force off; Overdrive Guitar now plays, but incorrectly has no distortion.
  • Increased speed of scrolling text when emulating Sound Canvas LCD (interval is now 300ms, approximately the same as the real thing, instead of 400ms).
  • Fixed several silly typos of information on the configuration window.


  • Electric Grand (002) now has more resonance and is velocity-sensitive.
  • Modified auto modulation of Rock Organ (018) to be stronger and affect volume as well as frequency.
  • Added auto modulation to Pan Flute (075).
  • Tremolo Strings (044): Made less muffled for higher notes and reduced delay before tremolo starts.
  • Reduced attack time of Voice Lead (085).
  • Increased volume of Sawtooth Lead (081).
  • Quietened Slap Bass 1 (036).

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