Simfile: Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP/98!

Posted on 2008-11-02 at 15:17 in Music by Robbi-985.

Just a quick bit of news for anyone interested:

There is now a StepMania simfile available for the extended version of this music of mine (the extended version is only 4 bars longer, if I remember rightly, but it ends better in my opinion, so I prefer it).

The simfile can be downloaded from here or here.

8 Responses to Simfile: Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP/98!

  1. zhs490770 says:


  2. Ulysses says:

    Very Good!!
    P.S. 版主,人家的电脑不一定能显示中文……

  3. joel says:

    Changing the notes of the sounds doesn’t really make every sound we hear the default ones we hear when operating an average PC

    • Dana says:

      That’s why it wasn’t called “music using ONLY default sounds form Windows XP/98!”

  4. Robbi-985 says:

    This is tracker music. Sounds (here, sounds from Windows) are loaded as samples and played back at different speeds. The only sound data stored in the tracker file is these sounds.

  5. Jeanine Smith says:

    Truly astonishing. If Microsoft hasn’t offered you a job, they should have their heads examined. Bravo.

  6. elapras says:

    Hi, I’ve been very impressed by your music and it happens that i listen to it anytime. I have to make a project in my business school, and it would be far much easier if i could make my project starting from yours. So i would really appreciate if you send me your tracker IT project there –> [EDIT: removed to avoid you being spammed]
    PS: I apologize for my bad english

  7. elapras says:

    Oups, i haven’t saw it on your youtube video, excuse me and please forget my previous message

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