I hate MySQL

Posted on 2013-07-25 at 02:46 in Random by Robbi-985.

I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL I hate MySQL

…And on that note, my site is finally back up (including this blog)! Thank you for your patience, everybody. It’s now running on what used to be my main computer, before I moved to a quad-core. I’ll upload a video with some more information and showing a few dust bunnies in the old computer’s case. For the curious, here are some quick comparisons between the old and new servers:

Old New
Processor: 2.8 GHz, single-core 3.6 GHz, hyperthreaded
Memory: 1 GB @ 400 MHz 3 GB @ 667 MHz
Hard drive: 200 GB, IDE 500 GB, SATA II

Actually, I will need to take it down on 2 occasions within the next couple of days for about 15 minutes each, as I forgot to copy a handful of programs from the old HDD that are unrelated to this web  site but which are needed for other jobs that the server constantly does. So, if you can’t connect to this site within the next couple of days, wait a little while for me to finish fiddling around inside and booting it back up, and then please try again. =)

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  1. DJ3520 says:

    Me and my OCD+ADHD noticed this double typo: “this0web site”

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