[Touhou] Electric River (Komachi’s Theme Techno Remix) (OLD)

Posted on 2008-10-01 at 15:05 in Music, Touhou by Robbi-985.

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I made this this slowish techno remix of Komachi Onozuka’s theme on the spur of the moment, quite a few months ago now. “Electric” since it’s techno, “River” due to Komachi’s job of ferrying souls along a river… that, and the whole electricity/water thing worked out nicely, lol. I’ve been wanting to make a video for it for a long time and release it on YouTube, but since so much time had passed and I still hadn’t released it at all, I’m releasing the MP3 of it first, here, now.

Download link (~6.4 MB as ZIP)

It starts off sounding very electronic, but turns to techno with a few hints of rock (I guess). The ways in which I used the various melodies within Komachi’s theme is original (I didn’t base it on anything, unlike my Unlocked Girl re-make). Of course, there are some of my own fast harmonizing melodies in here too.

The duration is 2 mins, 59 secs, and the MP3′s at 320kbps.

In addition, I’ve created a new “Current Projects” section in an attempt to prove that I’m not as lazy as Komachi herself.

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  1. Lolifox says:

    Ah ha! This sounds great! Can’t wait to hear it when its finished. ^^

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