Bleeper Music Maker (revision 140) – MIDI File Playback!

Posted on 2008-09-26 at 05:21 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

MIDI file playback through PC speaker!

Well, here it is. I promised it several months ago, and finally, it’s here. Now you can simply choose a MIDI file (i.e. *.mid) on your computer and hear it through your PC speaker (or FMOD or other things depending on what other mods you have enabled).

(Click it to see full-size image)

It works almost identically to the live MIDI input mod, except you choose a MIDI file instead of a MIDI device. Naturally, you can jump to different positions, stop/resume playback and loop it too. ;) Since the file is decoded right within the program itself, you no longer need an external MIDI device to be able to play MIDI files on the program. 1-bit MIDI files for everyone! =D

Here’s the usual download place!

As usual, there are numerous other little changes which I don’t make such a big fuss about and generally just shove to the bottom of the post, so guess what I’m going to do now.

  • MIDI input mod” renamed to “Live MIDI input mod” to try to avoid confusion with new “Play MIDI file” mod.
  • FMOD’s volume is now slightly louder (18% instead of 12.5%) – before, MSN couldn’t even detect it in voice clips, which I found very annoying.
  • When trying to load a BMM file, if you type a filename which doesn’t exist, the program no longer commits suicide.
  • Bleeper portamento mod can now work with anything the PC speaker would normally play (e.g. BMM file playback, MIDI file playback), but in order for it to work, you MUST tick “Mute PC speaker” so that the ordinary “non-modified” notes aren’t still played over the top, blocking the portamento.
  • Fixed bug of bleeper portamento mod not stopping itself when you tell it to stop.
  • Tried to make bleeper portamento mod’s sound not pulse so obviously, which involved changing the maximum value of “Speed of pitch change” to OVER 9000 (its previous value), which I found very amusing at the time.
  • Changed shutdown code to avoid potential errors to do with MIDI devices (if you have no devices) when exitting the program.
  • Made it so that you can’t resize the main window (it was annoying some people before). Resizing it was pretty pointless since nothing actually stretched apart from the background, just creating empty, wasted space. My laziness (?) is the reason I made 140 different revisions before disabling window resizing.

EDIT: A new program, “Fix DLL OCX.exe”, is now included in the program download. Run this from within Bleeper Music Maker’s folder to hopefully fix DLL- and OCX-related problems on BMM.

5 Responses to Bleeper Music Maker (revision 140) – MIDI File Playback!

  1. Ed says:

    Umm… When I click on the .exe on all my models including the new one, it says “Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependices not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”… I tryed logenable, but no results come back! <=(

  2. Robbi-985 says:

    There’s info in info.txt for solving that.
    Basically it involves copying MSCOMCTL.OCX (included in download) into system32. Then click Start/Run and type:
    regsvr32.exe mscomctl.ocx

    (and press Enter).
    I’m going to add a separate program into the download ZIP to do this for you right now, but the main program can’t do it itself because it needs that file to even start running.

    EDIT: Fixed typos (well, it’s 6:48 AM and I’ve had no sleep xD)

  3. Ed says:

    Well… I fixed it… Now we have to deal with a “Run-time error ’75′ Path/File access error”… =_=;

  4. Kuma' says:

    Personally, I love Bleeper Music Maker! I use it a lot, especially on my old laptop, so that I’ll have some kind of custom music to listen to when playing soundtrackless video games. B. M. M. is my favourite app through which to make custom game music, as well as truly eight-bit sounds and music through F-MOD. Keep up the awesome work!

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