“Crazier” StepMania announcer (I apologize in advance)

Posted on 2008-08-31 at 23:40 in Games, Random by Robbi-985.

“Crazier” for StepMania 3.9 (←Download, 21.2 MB)

StepMania announcer by me (Robbi-985) and my bro (Stevn-986) (aka Something Unreal and Steeeven1).

This announcer intended to be used on StepMania 3.9. Although it mainly works with StepMania CVS 4 as well, it does randomly say something like “Come on, man, pick up the pace!” every now and then. This is a bug within SM 4, though, and is noticable when using any announcer.

This is a really insane announcer consisting of needless distorted shouting, messed-up lines and dodgy accents. I apologize for the severe distortion, but without amplifying them so much and performing an EQ on them to boost the treble so much, it was too hard to hear them over the majority of the StepMania songs I have.

We originally made this announcer for a theme I was going to make called “StepCrazier” (yeah, we didn’t spend much time thinking of a name) which I never did get around to making anyway. So the “title menu game name” and “title menu attract” sounds all involve that name. Therefore, when they inevitably become unbearably annoying, please just delete those folders.

Just extract this ZIP file to the “Announcers” folder within your StepMania folder. Make sure that a folder called “Crazier” is created, and directly within it is a large number of other folders.

To actually get StepMania to use this announcer, go to StepMania’s options, then “Appearance”, and set “Announcer” to “Crazier”.

2 Responses to “Crazier” StepMania announcer (I apologize in advance)

  1. Rocky says:

    YES! I’m slowly downloading it!


  2. Robbi-985 says:

    Yes, sorry, I should really put a warning about how big it is.

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