Remix: “Critical Judgement” – StepMania

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 16:29 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

My friend, Sota Systems (Sota250993), and I, made this techno remix of Shikieiki’s theme, “Critical Judgement”, after hearing IOSYS’s remix of the same theme, “Koko de atta ga 60 nenme”. Then I made a StepMania simfile for it.

We play it on StepMania at the same time, but in our own separate countries, recording our gameplay with several cameras, and here you see it all mixed into one video – our combined gameplay views. I have a few custom things connected to my comp being controlled by StepMania. ;D

You can download the simfile (even if you don’t play StepMania, it’s just a ZIP and it includes the MP3) from a new “StepMania Simfiles” section of my site, here.

Also in the video is a crazy announcer which my bro (“Steeeven1″) and I made, after being told that a previous attempt wasn’t crazy enough. I won’t provide a download link for it unless anyone seriously wants one. ;P

The StepMania theme is called Pop☆Candy 2, and you can get it from the author’s site, here.

3 Responses to Remix: “Critical Judgement” – StepMania

  1. Chizley says:

    Yes, I seriously want the announcer, its hilarious :D

    Btw, keep up the good work :P

  2. eldrid311 or RandomMod says:

    hey yeah i downloaded the file and uhh… its not working but i dont know whats the prob i put teh folder and i put the Critical Judgement folder well.. i get the mp3 file out and i put it on the new folder i named it SomethingUnreal! but…. its new the thing is no song appeared
    reply on youtube or in my email

    btw did you add me now on msn? if you didnt add me yet or you dont recieved my reply… here it is, add me or us..
    (youtube accounts of us and my new msn account)
    eldrid311:(Address removed from public view to prevent spam being sent to you)
    rikuxziku7777:(Address removed from public view to prevent spam being sent to you)

  3. Robbi-985 says:

    Well, inside the StepMania “Songs” folder, within the “SomethingUnreal” folder, you need to place the “Critical Judgement” folder which contains the MP3, SM file and all the rest.

    I’ll send you an email too. ;)

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