[Quick test] Hardstyle sound attempt on SC-88Pro

Posted on 2012-08-02 at 02:36 in Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

I’ve been lucky enough to get this ~15-year-old Roland SC-88 Pro MIDI sound module, and I tried to make it play something a bit more modern-sounding than anything it was ever intended for (I expect).

[Watch in HD]

I could use an insert effect (EFX) for distortion to make the kick much better (it sure needs some work), but I can only use one type of effect at a time. So if I used distortion, I couldn’t use a compressor, which would make the snares and cymbals sound nicer. Such are the limitations of such an old sound module~

Even though this is just a quick test, although I ended up sending more complex MIDI messages than I’ve ever sent before – a SYSEX, NRPNs and many CCs to use chorus, cutoff filters with resonance, custom attack/decay envelopes, and set the pitch of a specific percussion instrument. Actually, this was more of a test for myself to learn to use such messages to control the SC-88 Pro. Now time for me to get back to reading the manual. ^^;

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