(x5, Challenge, A) StepMania: Naki Oujo No Tame No Seputetto

Posted on 2008-08-06 at 04:25 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

Remilia’s theme being tapped away to on the hardest difficulty, with 2 hands. Since I’ve started using 2 hands, fast streams like ones in here are so much easier. At 01:56, I peered over to make sure my PSP hadn’t stopped due to the old memory stick (it keeps happening every now and then), but it cost me a jump. =/

My camcorder’s showing the view of the monitor and my PSP’s recording view of the keyboard.
I apologise for the not-so-good view of my hands. Next time, I think I’ll put that camera onto more of a side view.

This simfile can be found in the second Touhou StepMania pack:

The theme is Takuya’s “DDR SuperNOVA BT2″ (Beta Tester 2).
You can get the “DDR SuperNova BTw Plus” (for SM 3.9) from here, and Takuya’s site is here.

Please DON’T tell me that his site is unavailable – I’m not even the owner of the place. Geocities sites often become unavailable temporarily. Just try another day (or after a few hours). -_-

Note that this song and most, if not all, other songs in this pack will only show up on StepMania if you have your non-Unicode language set to Japanese, due to non-Unicode characters in the file and folder names. This setting is under “Regional and Language options” in Control Panel (on Windows XP), and you’ll probably need your Windows CD to hand. Setting it is quite a common procedure, and as such, there are plenty of guides around the Internet to doing this – a Google search for “Japanese non-Unicode” should find something.

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