Night-time Driving

Posted on 2012-02-27 at 05:08 in Music, Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

I got a new lens for my Lumix G3 camera. Its aperture can open as far as F1.7, so I wanted to try it out in the dark. However, driving was a stupid idea as the lens doesn’t have optical image stabilisation to reduce the shaking thanks to the well-maintained British roads. I tried to reduce shaking a bit in software afterwards, but it’s more distracting than helpful (I should build some kind of stabilising rig). After 02:45, there’s no software shake reduction. I was focussing manually throughout the video, which isn’t easy at F1.7 as the depth of field is so shallow.

[Watch in HD]

Colours are also corrected in editing. At 00:39, I attached a UV filter, which unintentionally added lots of flares from bright lights. I thought they looked nice at the time, but I got annoyed with them after re-watching the video for the 5th time.

My brother was driving, playing some music of his. You can find the music he’s made here. This particular track is “Remember This“.

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