Bleeper Music Maker (revision 134)

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 23:39 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Well, it’s about time. It still has no integrated MIDI player (it will happen eventually), but it has several bug fixes which I’d been putting off for many many months, and a couple of new things.

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Here’s the usual download place! ^^

The main changes (in no particular order):

1. Bug fix: Program no longer stops responding to all input if you set the Note/Silence Ratio to 100% when using the PC speaker. This bug was only introduced in the last couple of releases, but it’s gone again now. Thanks to Sota Systems for reporting that.

2. When using synchronized play between 2 (or more) instances of Bleeper Music Maker on the same computer: – a. …when some use FMOD and some use PC speaker, synchronization should be much better, especially on CPUs with no hyperthreading. – b. …when they all use FMOD, synchronization should be perfect.

3. Mods which require a serial port are now disabled on program startup if your computer has no serial port, to avoid any potential errors.

4. “Cutoff” slider in “Voice Internals” window is now removed (previously, it made the program crash). Thanks again to Sota Systems for reporting it.

5. Bug fix: BMM files made using the program on a non-English version of Windows should no longer cause the program to crash when running on other versions of Windows. If you have such an error-inducing BMM file, please open it in a text editor and replace True and False (in your language) with 1 and 0, respectively.

6. The position displays are now set to not update by default (“Do not update” is ticked), so that people shouldn’t suffer from any stuttering (due to too much CPU usage) from the moment they start using the program. Of course, you can un-tick it if you like, but I’ve done this to avoid people instantly saying “It sounds terrible”.

6. Option to have notes entered from an external MIDI device only be played once each, instead of repeated for as long as you hold down the key.

7. Bug fix: If you use synchronized play when nothing is in the music list, the “Start waiting” button won’t stay in a disabled state any more.

8. New circuit-bent mod.

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