~Shining In The Sky~ (Clannad OST) on Bawami [rev 93] [HD]

Posted on 2012-02-19 at 20:15 in Games, Music, Programs, Videos by Robbi-985.

I’ve added support for reverbs to Bawami, my MIDI player. Also, there’s a new internal view here – scrolling text which shows every MIDI message played, and how it is interpreted. There are dozens of other changes, too, but the only other one audible in this video is support for the “maracas” percussive instrument (actually a tambourine in the original music).

[Watch in HD]

This is my MIDI software synth “BaWaMI” (Basic Waveform MIDI), so-named because it makes all its sound from one of 6 basic waveforms (sine, square, triangle up/down, saw or noise) with a low/high-pass filter applied (and now, reverb too). I’ve not yet released it yet, as there are still issues that need to be fixed before it goes public, but I’ll keep uploading these “preview” videos as I make improvements. =)

Here, it’s playing a MIDI (which I didn’t make) of the music 「空に光る」 (“Shining in the Sky”), from the anime Clannad (I believe it’s from the anime rather than the visual novel).

Channel 9 is supposed to play as percussion here, but my program currently only supports percussion on channel 10, so I told Bawami to at least play it as something percussive-sounding (a taiko drum).

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