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I tried to create a voice based on samples of Misaka Imouto from the anime “A Certain Magical Index“. Then, I decided to make it sing the song that was stuck in my head at the moment, which happened to be Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s “PONPONPON” (I didn’t want to try to make such a crazy music video as the original, though). The key is lowered to suit the voice better.

[Watch in HD]

Massive thanks to DelTiger(でるたいがー) for the off-vocal version that I used here. The illustration is by tachi008.

I actually used samples from the PSP game rather than the anime, for clean recordings (so that there wasn’t music or sound effects in the background). It seems to be a long time since I’ve uploaded a video with a CG voice.

I first made a MIDI of the notes the voice sings in the original version using Anvil Studio. The voice was made with Virtual Singer (part of Melody Assistant). Screen-capturing was done with VirtualDub and the video edited in Magix Movie Edit, while the audio editing was done in Audacity.

5 Responses to “PONPONPON”, sings MISAKA.

  1. Shura says:

    Very nice work! also, how did you get the Voices from the game? O_O

    • Robbi-985 says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately, the samples were simply recorded from the game (PSP’s headphone output to soundcard’s input) with the background music in the game muted (I do love that option).

      I’ve actually been trying to extract the game’s big voice archive file, to get access to each separate voice file with perfect quality, but the archive is encrypted in some way. I’m trying to crack it but it’s hard for me as I don’t have much experience with that kind of thing. (What’s annoying is that the voices can already be made out among a load of distortion and buzzing, but to recover them properly requires maths)

      • Shura says:

        O-oh! th-then, may i humbly ask how did you do that first option? output -> input option. I really want to have some of those samples, but i am not really that skillful in tinkering gadgets. Thank you very much!

        • Robbi-985 says:

          It’s just a simple cable from the headphone output of the PSP to the input of my soundcard, no modifications. I had to use a 3.5mm-RCA cable for my soundcard, but for most soundcards (with a mic input) you can use a simple 3.5mm-3.5mm cable (cable that has a headphone-like jack at either end). You can get them for cheap on eBay. Just be sure to disable any microphone boost on the computer, or it’ll sound super-distorted.

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