Yuyuko-sama eats lightning

Posted on 2008-06-03 at 05:21 in Images, Random, Touhou by Robbi-985.

…is the conclusion which I came to when having a strange chat about power cuts, with my friend “Sota-sama”, on MSN tonight. So I drew this with my graphics tablet in the MSN convo. (2 days ago, I got my tablet working better than it ever has done before. This lame attempt really doesn’t show it off well, though.)

(Click to see it at original size)

Here’s a coloured version at 4x the original’s size, but it looks worse IMO (due to the colour).

<BoringLengthyDescription> I had a momentary power “cut” (weakening, so my comp didn’t crash), and my friend said it might be a sign from Yuyuko (he’s said this before, it’s a kind of meme we’ve developed – usually followed by “be careful”). Then, a while later, a storm arrived where he lives, and the lightning was messing with his power. Through a strange chain of messages we decided that Yuyuko was eating the power, and the lightning was just a natural progression from there on.

Later on, we nearly decided that she was also fond of WLAN signals, but that was just getting silly. </BoringLengthyDescription>

Here are just a few of the scary points (I’m sure you can make up more):

- Her hands.

- Her hat (what exactly is going on?? Especially on coloured version).

- Her eyes. o_o

- The reverse-view of her head which looks like a lampshade.

The related part of the original MSN convo follows… (Please, if you value your free time, just move along…)

(I’m “Join the Kyuu”)

~!Sota-sama!~ says:
woah! this thunder is sucking my electricity : all goes dim xP
Join the Kyuu says:
or, of course, ….
Join the Kyuu says:
it’s not the lightning which is sucking it, it’s … the person who now eats even electricity. xD
Join the Kyuu says:
(btw: lightning is the spark, thunder is the sound)
~!Sota-sama!~ says:
ah ^^
~!Sota-sama!~ says:
Join the Kyuu says:
You have a Yuyuko in your presence.
~!Sota-sama!~ says:
hows that possible?
Join the Kyuu says:
~!Sota-sama!~ says:

(Sota is in Germany, and only a few minutes ago, we’d said Yuyuko was near me (in England))

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