Burning WOTA London mascot with laser

Posted on 2011-12-11 at 00:12 in Images, Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

Another use for a laser projector! Burning the WOTA London mascot character into an old piece of photographic paper by getting my laser projector to scan it really slowly. Unfortunately, I accidentally made it also draw the blanking lines (where the laser should jump from one area to another while turned off), so there are random straight lines scattered about the image, but oh well.

[Watch in HD]

I hand-traced this graphic as part of a laser show which I made for an event on the 11th of October called “WOTA London” (episode 12). Unfortunately, I pushed myself a little too hard, making a 15-minute show, my longest ever, in 1 week (previously, I took a week to make a 3-minute show). Since I was actually still finishing designing the laser show while packing for and travelling to the event, I forgot to take my camcorder with me. However, I may record it playing at home and upload the video of it some time (although getting permission from several music artists may prove hard).

Here’s the photo of the end result (it really does look this blurry, for some reason).

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