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Posted on 2011-10-09 at 14:40 in Random by Robbi-985.

For the past month or so, my site has been becoming insanely slow to browse around on. It seems the culprit is the WLAN card again, although I’m not 100% sure. However, rather than just replace that again and continue to use my 7-year-old server, I am going to retire Server-tan and use a “new” machine. She’s been through a lot (including many power cuts, which have damaged so many files that I’m amazed it still even works), and the fact that a hard-drive is still working, after 3 years of being on non-stop and having 1.5 years of normal use before that, impresses me. So, I’d like to take the opportunity, while it’s still in a working-but-slow state, to copy everything necessary and set up a new machine so that it can pick up where the old one left off, with minimal interruptions to my site/blog.

The “new” machine is actually going to be my previous workstation (with different drives and graphics card, to save power). That machine never died – I merely wanted to be able to run newer games that it was too slow for and so retired it and built a new one. It should be good to go if I just throw in a hard-drive and operating system. =D

When done, my site should be faster, more reliable (new hard-drive, UPS), and, for my own benefit, quieter. It sure is going to be weird at night after sleeping for 2 years with a stock CPU cooler humming away.

This will probably happen around the end of the month, when I should have enough money (there’s other stuff I want to get, too, such as a NAS for backups).

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