Bleeper Music Maker (revision 130)

Posted on 2008-05-15 at 20:57 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Here it is, the long-awaited release. Well, okay, it was only 1 day ago that I uploaded the video of it, but it’s the longest wait yet.=P

(Click to see full-size image)

The download can be found in the usual place here. I included in the download ZIP the 3 BMM files which I made and combined in the previous video I uploaded of “chiptune-style” Remi’s theme. They can also be found in the dump of BMM music which you can get to from here.

More info…

The most significant new features are:

- I’m not sure if you’ve tried the “Use FMOD to create the beep”…? Well, it sounds like a kind of square wave (like the PC speaker). But now, you can choose for FMOD to make a sine wave (smooth), triangle wave (kind of harsh), or even noise. xD (It can make interesting sound effects at least). More info in Info.txt under “WHAT’S “FMOD”? / THE FMOD MOD”.

- You can now get several BMMs running on the same computer, and get them all to start playing at the same time (new “Synchronized Play” mod). More info in Info.txt under “SYNCHRONIZED PLAY MOD”.

- Also you can now set the Note/Silence Ratio to 100, and this makes FMOD not click at all when going from one note to the next. ^^ (Still clicks when going between note and silence, though. ><)

A few other behind-the-scenes things I did include making it a little less likely to stutter when alternating between short notes at very high tempos, and slightly neatening Info.txt.

4 Responses to Bleeper Music Maker (revision 130)

  1. AniMaster says:

    I’d download this and have some fun with it, if it were compatible with mac T_T;

  2. AniMaster says:

    Are my comments not going through :(?

  3. Robbi-985 says:

    They are being received, I just have to check and ‘approve’ of them before they get shown, because of spam. <_< I check them about once a day usually.

    I’m sorry it’s not mac-compatible, but I’m not skilled enough in more ‘compatible’ programming languages to make a non-Windows-OS compatible version.

  4. Lolifox says:

    Lol oh ok cool, and np on the mac version. Keep doing what you do best, and I never would really think you’d get spam on here. You really do? o.o;

    I just feel bad since you post these things and they have no comments on them. :(

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