[Touhou] Remilia’s Theme, Chiptune-Style (+ Random Intro)

Posted on 2008-05-14 at 12:27 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

Turns a bit “Master Spark” at the end.
Remilia’s theme starts at 0:30 seconds and is called “Septette for a Dead Princess” (「亡き皇女の為のセプテット」), from Touhou 06 “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil”, rearranged a little and whatnot. It has some little intro at the begining to show off the different sounds. That’s all this was originally going to be, then I decided to take it further. =D

This is a step up from the usual ‘bleeper’-style stuff I make. It sounds like some ancient games console’s music.

This is the latest (not quite yet released) version of my Bleeper Music Maker. Well, 4 of them, running together! One does percussion (noise), one does the melody of Remi’s theme (triangle), and the other 2 share the same file but one’s playing Note 1 (bass, square) and the other one’s playing Note 2 (some weird harmonizing melodies I made up).

On this new version (revision 130) (I’ll probably release it today or tomorrow), you can change the sound FMOD creates from being only square. Also there’s a new mod, “Synchronized Play”, which makes it start playing at a certain time. Set them all up to start at the same time and you can easily get them all to play in sync with each other. =D Oh, and FMOD doesn’t make annoying clicking noises when going from note to note anymore if you set Note/Silence Ratio to 100% (still does when going from note to silence or vice versa, though ><).

MP3 download is here.
(2.43 MB, 1 min 31 secs)
(Sorry about the slow download speed…)

2 Responses to [Touhou] Remilia’s Theme, Chiptune-Style (+ Random Intro)

  1. Devoted says:

    That sounds pretty wicked dude, loved it! ^^

  2. anonymous says:

    That track is awesome, rocking out to it now.

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