Animecon 2011: R/C “Yumekuri” Yukkuri Compilation (incomplete edit) [HD]

Posted on 2011-05-11 at 18:25 in Random by Robbi-985.

Just a few clips of Dnstje’s remote-controlled yukkuri at Animecon in the Netherlands last weekend. It never fails to entertain. This time, he made a Yumekui Merry (Merry Nightmare) hat for it, making it a yumekuri!

(Is comedic swearing in Dutch safe on YouTube? xD)

[Watch in HD]

Apologies for the incomplete editing – this was not originally going to be the final edit, but my computer’s CPU died (of all things), and I’m not able to continue editing using my netbook. This was just going to be a test render, but since I won’t have any money to get my computer up and running again for about a month, I’m uploading the video now in its incomplete state.

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