Singing stepper motors – Motto ☆ Hade Ni Ne (Kannagi OP) [HD]

Posted on 2011-04-08 at 11:08 in Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

Apologies for the sucky sound quality – it seems these stepper motors aren’t ideal for music, since they’re so quiet. -_-

[Watch in HD]

A program of mine running on my laptop is sending the frequenciesof notes from a MIDI file to an Arduino, which in turn controls 2 stepper motors and shows the frequencies on an LCD. The music is the opening theme to the anime “Kannagi”, 「motto☆派手にね」.

I suppose this is a step up from the “singing motor” videos I uploaded in 2007/2008. With stepper motors, the pitch can be precisely correct! However, the ones I have can’t get very high-pitched, so they’re better for bass (not what they’re doing in this video). At around 00:16, you can hear what happens if one tries to go faster than it can – it just vibrates.

Maybe I’ll try to get some stepper motors which are louder / higher torque / have more steps per revolution, when I have the money to spend on such random things…

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