Microwave Portal

Posted on 2008-04-22 at 20:07 in Random, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

Just another bit of greenscreen fun.
I’ll try to refrain from obvious comments like “I swear Yukari did it”, or “Yuyuko’s snack’s ready”. Yes, I’ll be sure not to mention them.

Should I really have put this under ‘Touhou’? I didn’t think you could even look through to the destination of Yukari’s gaps like you can here anyway.

I know the transparency of the greenscreen didn’t work so well.
More technical rubbish…

Filmed with Sony DCR-TRV270E DV camcorder.
Edited with (programs):
VirtualDubMod (video capture, compression overlaying text)
Adobe Premiere Pro (colour-keying, scaling, editing, etc… the hard work)
Paint (yes, seriously… for drawing the text. Much easier than in Premiere.)

One Response to Microwave Portal

  1. AniMaster says:

    Haha that was so freaking cool how you put the cam through the microwave then you were up on your second floor, mad props~

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