[Lasershow] Halozy – Toki Wo Kizamu Uta

Posted on 2010-12-24 at 03:44 in Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

Merry Christmas! This song is a (shortened) remix of the opening theme of Clannad After Story, 「時を刻む歌」 (“Toki Wo Kizamu Uta”), by Halozy (vocals by Nayuta).

[Watch in HD]

I started working on this show later than I should have, leaving me with 6 days to make it all. I focussed the most on the mirrored red and green patterns in sync with the voice. I used a fabric (organza) screen again to make the actual lines visible.

The Christmas lights I hastily put around the windows are being controlled by my custom StepMania lights box, and are playing the steps to a simfile made by Gundam-Dude. I modified my StepMania Player program to remotely click Play/Stop buttons on another computer (the lights were controlled by SMP on my computer upstairs, which started the laser show on my laptop downstairs). I will keep this feature for people to use when I release the next version. =)

I used my old (non-HD) camcorder for recording it because it sees the colours of the lasers well (as you can see in the video of my previous laser show, my HD cam does not). Unfortunately, there are a few dead pixels (NOT caused by recording this show). Also, I forgot how un-sensitive it is in the dark – the pan at the beginning was to show some snow, but it’s barely visible, so I’m not sure why I bothered to keep it.

It feels like only last week that I was making Flandre’s Christmas Light Show…

Song used with permission from Halozy.

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