The most uninteresting post so far

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 09:39 in Random, Touhou by Robbi-985.

It seems a very few people at YouTube don’t realise that the “me” at YouTube (SomethingUnreal) is the same as the “me” as I am in most other places (Robbi-985). So I’m making a post here in an attempt to ‘prove’ that in fact, I am myself, and the site which the “imposter” SomethingUnreal links to really is owned by him, since he is Robbi-985. I say it again (I’ve said it many times before) – I used the name SomethingUnreal because I needed a temporary disguise at the time I created the account. However, now I’m getting to prefer it to Robbi-985. Also, ‘unreal’ can be spelt in Japanese as 幻想的 (gensouteki), which is nicely similar to 幻想郷 (Gensoukyou).

Sorry to anyone actually expecting some content (although you should know better by now :P). Let me try to make it up to you. I know it isn’t much, but…

(Click to see full-size image)

One Response to The most uninteresting post so far

  1. AniMaster says:

    Rofl, people just don’t know how to read sometimes. Hey, but I know that the you on here is the you on YT. ^~^

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