[Lasershow] 100th Video Celebration: Parting Ways [HD]

Posted on 2010-10-24 at 23:04 in Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

Well, here it is – the long-overdue celebration thing!

The music is by my brother (steeeven1, on YouTube), and is the end of a longer song called “Parting Ways” (or, as he named it on YouTube, “Hairy Saliva“, although I refuse to call it that…). Despite the name, I don’t intend to disappear any time soon. ^^;

Text is hard to read in 360p, so please use 480p. Please enable annotations if you’d like links.

[Watch in HD]

The beam-show part and the graphic (text) part were recorded separately and overlaid in editing, because I didn’t want flickery beams. I used a sheet of organza fabric for the graphic part. This is the first laser show I’ve made. It took me 11 days. It’s being played on my own laser projector, which is why it looks so much worse than the previous laser show I uploaded (mine is nothing compared to Dnstje’s projector).

EDIT: YouTube’s darkened the entire video and made the blue text extremely hard to read. *Sigh* I made it blue in the first place because it was too bright otherwise… Very disappointed, but I’m in no mood to fix it now.

One Response to [Lasershow] 100th Video Celebration: Parting Ways [HD]

  1. DarkMatter93 says:

    I really want a laser projector now. I wonder how hard it will be to make one… Thanks for the awesome video!

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