Touhou Characters in GTA:SA (Screenshots)

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 22:10 in Touhou by Robbi-985.

Since I haven’t posted something for a while. I took these during gameplay and thought they looked pretty cool, so I decided to share them. =)

One day, hopefully not too far from now, I’ll get around to making another Touhou GTA video. ^^

EDIT: Images deleted due to hotlinking. Honestly, some people… *sigh*. However, I’m keeping the post here, due to the comments that may be useful to people passing by.

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  1. arch129 says:

    Where can I download these Touhou GTA 3 mods, I can never seem to find them. I really want the Flandre Scarlet one.

  2. Robbi-985 says:

    These mods are for GTA San Andreas, not for GTA III. Unfortunately, I never have been able to find the Flandre mod. However, 4 of the Touhou mods can be found here. If that file becomes unavailable, search for “Gta-Sa_anime_mods_v2.0.rar” on Google – thankfully, the file seems to be hosted in several places. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  3. arch129 says:

    Thanks for replying and sorry for me replying so late. :P

    Oh well I guess I will have fun playing Marisa. ^^

  4. arch129 says:

    After more Googleing I think I found the Flandre Scarlet mod.

  5. Robbi-985 says:

    No problem – I was pretty late in replying in the first place (and I am again now -_-’).

    Great find, and thanks very much for sharing the link! I already had the MQO of Flandre which is on that page (at least, I think it’s the same), but had failed many times at trying convert it into DFF and TXD files

  6. LuckyToShoot says:

    awesome..but what should I do with the .mqo and those .jpg?I am not a professional gta sa modder =p

  7. Robbi-985 says:

    Unfortunately, that’s the same problem I had – I didn’t know what to do with them, either. It’s the DFFs and TXDs which you need, like in the link which arch129 gave.

    MQOs and JPGs are actually models/textures for people who want to edit the character mod, while DFFs and TXDs are what people like you and I, who just want to play the game with the mod, want. =P

  8. LuckyToShoot says:

    well I don’t have that problem anymore!I found one with .dds and .txd but another problem how do I install the model without using character select script?I dont wanna move the scripts for installing superman mod so flandre can fly…and else
    and if you want I can give u the link for the one that is .dff and .txd format,here goes:
    it’s a direct link,just click it and download begins,thanks for this post,it gives me very first clue for me to look for this download!
    well the only problem is there is only 1 txd and 1 dff I dunno which to replace in order to make this work,I am looking forward to ur respond of how to install it without using that character select script.
    yo I finally got the mod working like the video do!I used CLEO 3 Library and skin selector and use superman mod without using the skins that superman mod provided(I used only superman mod scripts)and it worked like magic!btw I got a msn if u wanna contact me add me in msn,[address removed to prevent spam being sent to you]
    hey guys any of u know how to disable god mode from CLEO Superman mod???

  9. Robbi-985 says:

    Thanks LuckyToShoot, but arch129 already gave the link to a page which has the Flandre DFF and TXD files. ;)

    “CLEO 3 Library” and “Superman mod” mean very little to me – I’ve never even heard of them before, but they sounds interesting. Sorry, though, that means I can’t help with it.

    I’ve combined your posts, and removed your email address to try to avoid you having spam sent to you by spambots.

  10. LuckyToShoot says:

    a’right I had got everything working including adding magics to the game,seriously thanks to this post,I got everything working how I want it to be now,even working better than how that video on youtube do!
    —– this vid shows how good my game do in gta sa.
    I mean mods.

  11. Grand Theft Auto Series Rocks!!!

  12. LuckyToShoot says:


  13. Ashley Hinanai says:

    ._. Can you tell me how to patch these into game? ._. I just got GTA and I have all the DL’s and I followed the instructions in the README and it didn’t work ._. and how do you mod the other characters and pedestrians{ If you know how D: }? ^^’

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