Gekiryuu Sanzu Kawa (Komachi’s Theme remix) – Bleeper Style

Posted on 2008-04-11 at 23:21 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

Remix originally by ‘Beat Mario’: 激流三途川 (ビートまりお).
I made this PC speaker version (‘Bleeper Style’) using my program ‘Bleeper Music Maker’, which you can download the latest version of from here. The ‘original’ remix is playing along (muffled, for mainly bass) with the internal PC speaker. This one took about 3 hours to make.
The song title translates roughly to “Swift Current River Sanzu”.

I added a split-screen view of me attempting to play, and messing up miserably on, PSP Revolution on the same song, Gekiryuu Sanzu Kawa. Just because I thought the video was a little boring without it. :P

Oh well, whatever. There’s much more info in the actual video, so just watch it and see. ;)
Oh, try to enjoy while you’re at it, too. ^^;;

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