IOSYS – The Hourai Jewel, Ever Beautiful A+B (Bleeper Style)

Posted on 2008-02-22 at 21:05 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

This took the longest to transcribe, by far, of all my bleeper music compositions – about 5 hours.

The song is a remix, by IOSYS, of 2 themes from Touhou 08 “Imperishable Night”, and it’s called 「蓬莱の玉、どこまでも美しく」. Its title has been translated to “The Hourai Jewel, Ever Beautiful”.

The song was made by IOSYS in 2 parts, A and B.
- Part A: 「竹取飛翔」 “Flight of the Bamboo Cutter” (Kaguya Houraisan’s theme).
- Part B: 「Voyage 1970」 (Eirin and Kaguya’s Last Spell theme)

The chorus of Part A repeats to finish the song. So it’s like A-B-A.
Part B gave me so much hassle. The tune really is beautiful, but the beauty is complex. x_x

For those who don’t know – this is a program I made, for creating music with the internal ‘system speaker’ inside PCs. Then I made this music using it. It’s playing along with the original song on my main computer speakers.

I tried to liven things up visually this time with my 4-light sequencer. =D

2 Responses to IOSYS – The Hourai Jewel, Ever Beautiful A+B (Bleeper Style)

  1. Alex says:

    This video is great
    Wed love to see it up on Revver

    let me know

  2. AA says:

    Wow, nice remix, is there any chance of seeing a download of this?

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